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Bloglovin', Win my Entire TPT Store, & Five for Friday-Summer Style

Not sure if you've heard!?!?!?


Google Reader is going bye-bye. 

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Warning- the rest of this post has NOTHING to do with school or anything at all, really................

My official summer vacation started last Friday at 11:20. By 1:00, I was in the backyard on my lounge chair soaking' up some sun, and I haven't looked back since! 

Here's some of the fun I've been up to!!!
It's become a tradition for a group of teachers from my school to go to the zoo on the last day of school! We had such a great time, and I'm SO LUCKY to work with people I get to call friends! 

I got a new summer hair do! :) 

If you're in San Diego and need a hair stylist- let me know! Ashlea is uh-mazing!!! 

We went to the fair. And ate. A lot. 
(Isn't that giant sock monkey fun!?!?!) 

And we went to Disneyland!!!

As you can see, I've enjoyed every second of summer so far! I hope you are too! ;-) 

Now go head over to Doodle Bugs to see what everyone else has been up to!!!


Monday Made It Is Back!

I'm SO EXCITED!!!! {and I just can't hide it} ;)

Today is my FIRST summer Monday! No work! No alarm clock! No running around like a chicken with my head cut off (because that's what work Mondays are, right!?!?)

And, I'm super excited to link up with the amazing Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for MONDAY MADE IT! This was one of my favorite linkys last summer and kept me pretty productive (as opposed to being a bump on a log in the backyard all summer on my lounge chair ;)  

For the end of the year, I made some fun summer gifts for my amazing colleagues! 

I found these awesome margarita glasses for 50¢!!!!!! at Michaels!!! 

Then I filled 'em up with a few goodies from Dollar Tree:

- Sunglasses
-Sun screen
-Jolly Ranchers
-Pixy Stixs 
-And they wouldn't be complete without an umbrella or two! 

I slapped a tag on 'em: 

And voila! 

Now....I'm headed off to be that bump on a log! ;)

Now head on over to Tara's to see what everyone is else is up to! 

Have a great day! 


End of Year Pictures!!!

We have TWO DAYS of school left!!!!!! And then I'll be back! ;-)

We took the CUTEST end of the year pictures! Check these out!

I made the chalkboard last summer using the tutorial from Little Baby Garvin. You can read the post on how I made mine HERE

The writing took me about an hour. I used THIS tutorial to help with the writing (sorta...). Then I loaded it into my car, set it up on the playground, and voila! Adorable pics for the kids to take with them on the last day of school! 

Are you out of school yet??? Still teaching??? If so, hang in there!!! We can do it! :)


Zoo Scavenger Hunt, Chirp, & Five for Friday

Long time, no blog! We have two weeks left and I'm feelin' the burn. I'm exhausted!!!

Here's a peek into my week: 

We went on our big 2nd grade field trip of the year to the zoo!

We mapped out our routes:

Rode the bus:

Riding on the bus with 60+ second graders

And had a great time! (Did I mention I'm exhausted...!?!?!) 

Each group got to take an iPad with them to take pictures (they had a scavenger hunt so they were looking for specific things to take pictures of.) 

When we got back, the kids used the app Chirp to share the pictures with the other members of their group, so everyone would have the pictures on their iPads (in order to create an iMovie). 

Chirping was WAAAyyyyy easier than sharing the pictures through email or Bumping them! It's quick and user friendly!!!

We've also been working on our last writing assignment of the year- informational writing about American heroes!

I seriously LOVE this time of year when we can look back and see where my kiddos started with their writing, and see how much they've grown!!! #soproud

Anyways, this writing aligns perfectly with our 2nd grade performance coming up- "Heroes All"; thanks Kate for recommending this to us!!!

In other news...

I'm still alive (barely) ;) and young if you were wondering...

And finally, we randomly {spur of the moment} booked a cruise for the summer to........


I'm so excited!

Make sure to link up with Doodle Bugs for 

Have a great weekend ! :)