Five for Friday BTS

Oh boy!!! What a week! 

Happy back to school! We survived!!!

Time for.........

I started off the week giving these pencil bouquets to my fabulous team! This way, in a week when all of the pencils have disappeared/been gnawed on/are lost they'll have a fresh set of already sharpened pencils! The tag is from {HERE}! 

I used the fabulous Amy Groesbeck's editable subject banner to create this banner for our first day of school pictures! I love how these turned out! 

We earned our iPad licenses this week by learning the iPad rules! Reagan Tunstall's iPad Basics pack helped with this! I can tell this group is ready to get going and start creating on their iPads! 

And we started a class Instagram account! We're working on the #backtoschoolchallenge ;-) found {HERE}! If your class is on Instagram please let me know! We're excited to connect with other students and classes! 

And we even still fit some family time in with an evening trip to the zoo! 

Hope you had a great week! And an even better weekend!!!