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Happy weekend!!!! {Thank goodness for weekends, right???!!!!}

Sorry I was MIA last weekend {I've been trying to blog every weekend and be consistent!...} We were celebrating my sister-in-law and her new hubby at their wedding! 

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today to give you a few tips and tricks as we get this *already crazy busy* school year started....

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Please head over and check out these time saving tips that keep me *semi*sane! :)

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#NoShameInPaperPlates people ;-) 

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Comparing Numbers to 1,000 {FREEBIE}

Centers for practicing comparing numbers to 1,000.
I've only been working on this product for MONTHS now!!!


I posted this pic on Instagram in APRIL!!!!!

comparing numbers

And now it's FINALLY done!!!!!!!!!

comparing numbers

Five hands on math center activities to work on comparing numbers to 1,000! With student directions, recording sheets, and lots of activity cards! 

I used Math Tubs in my classroom as my form of Morning Work- students came into the classroom, got themselves situated, and then began their Math Tub with their table team. If you were to walk into my classroom during this time, you would see kids spread around the classroom on the floor or at tables, talking and working away on these. I always loved this time in our classroom because everyone was engaged, I was able to get situated and deal with anything I needed to first thing in the am {attendance, collecting paperwork, parens at the door, etc}, students enjoyed doing the hands on work, they loved being able to chit chat while they worked first thing in the morning, I was able to get some legit review math skills in, AND they never got bored because I switched the tubs daily. In other words, I would prep five tubs (plus one day was computer time), and then just rotate the tubs around the tables each morning. These lasted me about two weeks since the tubs would revisit each table the follow week. Does this make sense....? 

Tubs are from Dollar Tree! Beautiful labels are from Amy Groesbeck

Math Tub time!!!

Anyways.... here are the five Comparing Numbers to 1,000 tubs! 

Tub 1: Students place sets of four numbers in order from least to greatest. This tub focuses on comparing the hundreds place. 

comparing numbers

Tub 2: Students group numbers cards according to whether they are greater than, less than, or equal to 500. The number cards include numbers represented with words, in standard form, and base ten blocks. 

comparing numbers

comparing numbers

Tub 3: Students create a number sentence using the words 'greater than," "less than," and "equal to." This tub gives students experience comparing numbers based on the hundreds, tens, AND ones place.

comparing numbers

Tub 4: Students place 25 number cards in order from least to greater, similar to a hundreds chart. Students compare hundreds, tens, and ones. 

comparing numbers

Tub 5: Students create a number sentence using the symbols <, >, and =. This tub gives students experience comparing numbers based on the hundreds, tens, AND ones place. 

comparing numbers

comparing numbers

Click HERE to download Tub #2 for FREE! (It's the one that was in the Instagram pic!)

comparing numbers

And click HERE to check out the whole pack on TpT! 

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Clipart Addicts Anonymous

Hi! I'm Sandy. And I'm addicted to clipart. 

I don't know about you, but I LOVE my clipart!!! Problem is, I haven't always been the *best* at organizing it. (If you're reading between the lines here- I really have no idea what I have! And I have a lot!) 

In an attempt to organize myself here, from now on, before I click "Purchase" on any more clipart, I quickly fill out my Google Spreadsheet! 

I have a column for the artist's name, their logo (for when I need to create a credits page), a preview of the clipart pack, any tags to help me easily find it again!!!, and the store link (again- for credits page.) 

To get the picture of the logo and the preview, I just take a screen shot! That's Command, Shift, 4 on a Mac! 

Here's an awesome tip from Blair Turner about screen shooting! #gamechanger! 

You MUST follow her on Instagram @onelessonatatime 

To get the picture into the field, there are a few quick steps.

I'll walk you through all of the steps in the video below! 

You can also follow the steps here! (And download them HERE if you'd like!) 

Your image will appear in the box, will stay where it's supposed to if other columns are rearranged, and will format to fit the size of the box! 

Then you go quickly go through and fill out the rest of the boxes. 

And don't forget to watch the video above! There are some great tips on how to quickly find something that you're looking for using Google Spreadsheets! 

Now, tell me! How do you organize your clipart!?!?!? 
Who are your favorite clipart artists!?!?!?!?

PS- Happy Labor Day!