Hall Pass, Please

Once again, I'm fashionably late to the party... But I made it- barely! 

I keep telling myself that I CAN make it to Spring Break. I can do it! I can do it!!!

I had to join the wonderful Reagan at 

for her 

linky! So fun! I seriously wish we teachers could have a hall pass to use during the day!!! 

My favorite product I've created are my Math Racers units. We use these everyday in class and the kids love them- they're super motivated to learn their math facts! :) 

This is my favorite area in my classroom because this is where the magic happens!

(This is an old picture... from last year :)

Lots of guided reading and writing and math and learning and I just love it here!!!
My go-to is "Class-class" and the kids (are supposed to) say "Yes-yes." I'm so glad for this linky because I've gotten some new ides that should work again! :)

Two things- being organized & the Bachelor!

First of all, if I'm organized, everything'll be okay. I absolutely adore this teacher planner from Leanne at Mrs. Prince & Co. It makes planning so much easier and less of a chore- plus I love looking at it. :)

And, the Bachelor, of course. Every Tuesday, a group of my bestie teacher friends and I get together and laugh, and eat, and talk, and bet, and watch the Bachelor. It's seriously so much fun, and I look forward to it every week. :)

Last week we bet on how many times they said the word "love" in the episode. It turned out to be 51 times!!! Can you believe that! 

If your upcoming week looks anything like mine- hang in there! And have a great one!


Lots of Valentine's Day Pictures!

We had so much fun at our Valentine's Day celebration on Thursday!!! The most fun I've ever had with a class in my six years of teaching!!! It went so smoothly with the help some amazing volunteers!!! 

Here are some pics from the six stations we visited!!!

Estimation Station 

Measuring with Hearts 

Make 100 card game

Graphing with Hearts

Exploring the Human Heart (this was a favorite station- so fun!!!)

And last but not least... 
Mail Delivery 

The card/candy/treat/sugar passing-out was confined to one little (quiet & calm!!!!) area! It was beautiful! ;-)

And when the kiddos were finished passing their goodies out, they used the computer to go to this website- it's FILLED with Valentine's Day fun!!! (Thanks to Shannon at Technology Rocks!!!)

If you're interested in any of these activities from my Valentine's Party Pack, you can click HERE to check them out on TPT! They're on sale for $1 in case you want to grab it and file it for next year! (Plus, all of the stations (except the Mail Delivery station) are Common Core aligned! :)  

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and were surrounded by students and colleagues and people and things you love! 

I know I was! :)


Five for Friday (on Saturday!)

Happy weekend friends!!!!!!!!!!

Time for

Here are a few pics from my week: 

I brought home our class pet for the long weekend! Duncan is obsessed with him! He won't take his eyes off of Fluffy! :) He's hamster-sitting...

We did a REALLY fun President's Day activity with QR codes in our classroom! I can't wait to post more about this later this weekend! 

Abraham Lincoln was there to greet us in the morning too! :) Pin found here!

Friday was a rainy day!!!!!!

 Last week we went on a field trip to the park across the street to eat lunch and see our artwork displayed at the VFW hall! The kids were SO excited to play on the playground. And then they were SO disappointed when the playground was taped off for repairs. Apparently, it was the "saddest day of their lives." (Not my words- theirs) 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!



Graphing Fun, Great App, & Some Great Finds!

I love starting our data and graphing unit in second grade, because the kids are always so engaged and love it! And I got some REALLY wonderful products from some amazing teachers out there this weekend to help us kickstart our unit!

Cupcake for the Teacher's adorable Football Buddies Craftivity got us excited for the Super Bowl this weekend, and gave us a great introduction to creating bar graphs! Check these cute little guys out:

I LOVE how they turned out!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Teri! 

We've also been using Sandra's 2nd Grade Weekly Common Graphs for the School Year pack! We LOVE taking surveys:

And graphing our data!

We've even been using the FREE app Skitch which allows you to draw, write, highlight, and annotate on top of pictures and documents! Check it out here: 

And you can check out Sandra's must-have unit here:

(It's PACKED with graphs to last you the ENTIRE school year!!!) 

Do you have any fun activities for data and graphing??? I'd love to add them to my bag-of-tricks! :)

I'm also linking up with Denise's Show & Tell linky (a day late)! Head on over to check out some more great finds from some amazing teachers out there!!! 


Congratulations & A Sale

Happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was SUPER busy, so I am SO SO SO glad it's the weekend! I have BIG plans to do NOTHING (except watch the Super Bowl and shop on TPT of course!) and I'm so excited! :)

Kate, Molly, and I are so thankful for all of the wonderful friends who entered our "Things We Love" giveaway! 

Kristine- we'll be in touch with you soon to send you the things we love! 

And for Super Bowl Sunday, TPT is throwing a sale!!!

Thanks to Ashley for the button! You MUST check out her store!

Click on the picture below to head over to my TPT store! 

Happy Super Bowl weekend! 

Do you have any plans for the weekend???
Who are you cheering for?????