Classroom Tour (Finally) AKA Picture Dump!

It's been FOREVVVEEERRRR!!!!!! Eeeek! This poor little blog has been neglected as I've been trying to get my kiddies (and myself) into a routine, figuring out new curriculum, scheduling parent-teacher conferences, and basically trying not to loose it!  

Anyways- here's where I'll be spending the next nine months!!! I've had this post ready(ish) for the last month (before the kids even came back) and am just not getting around to posting! Oh my goodness!!!

Enjoy! :)

View from the door

 Labels from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files! LOVE!!!

Classroom helpers board on the door! 

This is right above our sink

Writing displays

Blends from Randi at Teach it With Class

Reading strategies posters from the amazing Hope King at Second Grade Shenanigans 

Levels of understanding from Miss Nannini at Young Teacher Love
Schedule labels from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files
Homework Club from Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics 

Word wall 

Reading genres posters from Rachel at Tattooed Teacher 

Classroom library 

Reminders for students! ;-) 

Rockin' Work bulletin board inspired by Aimee at Primarily Speaking 

Table caddies 

Daily 5 posters from Tracy at Creekside Teacher Tales 

Materials for the week

So lucky to have some amazing technology in my classroom! 

Staying trying to stay organized! 

Instagram bulletin board for content area pictures!

Guided reading table! (Covered in dry erase adhesive!)

And the dry erase adhesive actually works.... :)

 Center organization! Back to school centers inside are from Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff! Love!!!

Behavior chart from Sandra at Sweet Times in First 

I hope your October is going amazing! Thanks for stopping by!!! :) I'll (hopefully) be back soon!