Acceptable Use Policies for Students! {FREEBIE}

Many of us are using iPads, iPods, or other devices in our classrooms this coming year! This technology is so exciting, especially when we get it into the hands of young learners!!! It can definitely enhance learning, encourage creativity and collaboration, and keep the kiddos engaged in their learning! 

Before my kids even get to touch, look at, breath on, or use :) their iPads next year, I am going to spend LOTS of time going over the do's and don't's of using the iPads. I've found that spending this time on procedures (just like with anything else in the classroom) will save me lots of time, lots of shouting across the room, and lots of headaches during the school year. 

They must know what is expected of them in order to be successful! 

Soooooo, I created an "Acceptable Use Policy" for my kiddos! Here it is:

I plan on spending lots of time drilling each point/procedure into the kids' heads (like iPad bootcamp!) ;-)  

We'll model it. 
Practice it. 
Celebrate correct use. 
Take pictures of it.
I'll bring my pom poms in from my old cheerleading days and cheer for the kids that are doing it right... 
And anything else I can do to get these procedures stuck in their brains! 

Once we've gone through all of the procedures, I'll post these

on our classroom rules board so we can refer back to them. 

And, as part of their homework, they'll need to take the AUP home with them, "teach" their parents about the AUPs, and then have their parents sign it too (just so the parents know what is expected of their kiddos when it comes to the iPads at school). 

Please feel free to click the tab above that says "Tech Projects" to grab the AUP and posters to go along with it. All I ask is that you follow my blog. :-) There are three different versions of the contract- one for iPad, one for iPod, and one for devices. Each version has two types- one that says "my iPad" and one that says "the iPad" (in case your students are sharing them!)  

If you need the AUP or the posters to say something different, you can find an editable version here (just click the picture):

As always, I'd LOVE to hear from you about how you are using these AUPs in your classroom!!! 

What do you do to make sure your kiddos are using their technology appropriately???! :-) 


  1. Wow Sandy! I absolutely love these posters and procedures. This is something I've completely forgotten to plan for. Thank you for making it just a bit easier! I'm so glad that you contribute to Tech Tailgate, too! It's fun seeing what we all decide to post about. :)

    Oh, and I'm following you!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  2. Oh my goodness...this is too funny. I just downloaded those same graphics to use with my blog and make the same type of posters. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  3. Thank you SO much! :) Just found out I'll be getting an iPad for the class, and this will be a great way to make sure students are responsible.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  4. I'm getting ONE iPad this year, but how did you get them for your whole class!? That's freakin' awesome!

    Ginger Snaps

  5. So cute! But I'll have to edit mine to say "my TEACHER'S ipad"...since I won't even have one to use otherwise. So, even Ginger (above) looks lucky to me!

  6. A great reminder! Even thought they are sometimes used to the technology, they still don't always know how to treat it. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Love these!! We are just starting to get Ipads in our district and of course 3rd and 4th grade teachers are the first to get them!! I was so mad, because I definitely think 2nd grade teachers should get them too!!

  8. These are adorable. I'm not lucky enough to have iPads at school. We do have classroom sets of ipod touches. Am I mistaken or did you say the set included wording for ipods?? If not I would LOVE to see them for ipod touch model!!!

  9. I just bought 3 iPods for my classroom. These are just perfect to use. Would it be possible to get the posters for iPods?

    Thanks for your hard work. They are awesome!


  10. Can I just tell you that I was told that someone in our District in charge of purchasing said that iPads and iPods were not effective learning tools.... but I can get a boombox.
    I know you are shaking your head. I am, too.
    Anywho... all your stuff is just fabulous. Wish I had a reason to use it!

  11. This is a great resource, Sandy! I pinned it for when I actually have an iPad :)

    EduKate and Inspire
    Come stop by my 100 follower giveaway!

  12. Love this resource. I'm finding the contract with the "the iPads" terminology. Just wondering if the little posters come with "the" instead of "my" Thanks so much!

  13. These are awesome!! I found your blog at the perfect time!! We are actually having a little problem with the kiddos at my school switching apps when they are supposed to be working (going on you tube)!! I can't wait to give your ipad policies to my students!! Thanks so much!!

    1. Just a hint: You are able to lock students into specific Apps/ websites via settings on your iPad. At my school, we use it most with Kindergarten. This is called "Guided Access".

      Settings> Accessability> scroll down to Guided Access> turn on guided access and enter a 4 digit code.

      * It is very important that you remember this code, so that you are able to turn OFF the guided access when you want the students to exit a program.

      I hope this helps!

  14. Thank you so much for creating these AUP idevices policies. My classroom this year will be a 21st century digital classroom and these signs were perfect!! I am following your blog and I am also on Pinterest. I teach 2nd-3rd grade bilingual with a HUGE emphasis on Google Apps for education.

  15. The posters and rules are perfect. I love them! The graphics are so helpful! Would you be willing to make the posters say "the" ipad (instead of "my ipad")? Thank you for sharing!

  16. Thank you for these! They are perfect! I was planning on making an anchor chart during Daily 5 for these- but these are much cuter!

    First with Franklin

  17. I love the posters and the fact that you added the checklist-thanks so much for sharing! Will definitely check out your TPT store!

  18. These are awesome! I love them for home and school. Thanks for sharing.

  19. THANKS SO MUCH!! I am getting my class iPads next week. And I had just been so worried about what rules I was going to establish. :D

  20. I can't say enough about how amazing your blog is! I used to be pretty jealous of classrooms that had IPADS in them :) but now I am going to be one of those classrooms. I am going to be the test "pilot" of my school to see the enrichment IPADS can bring to a classroom!

    I had a quick question about your technology policy that is in place at your school concerning the IPADS- do you have teacher technology policy for your school concerning the IPADS in your classroom? My school is trying to put together one and I was hoping to get some ideas concerning if the teacher buys the app but the IPAD is the schools who does the app belong to if the teacher and the school ever part ways or vice versa.

    Thanks for your weekly inspiration!

  21. Thanks for being so nice to share!

  22. Thanks for sharing this info. As a subscriber of a business broadband in Australia, I need to guide my kids with regard to responsible use of technology.

  23. Thank you for these! wakeupnow..They are perfect! I was planning on making an anchor chart during Daily 5 for these- but these are much cuter!

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