Monday Made It

I'm so excited to share a Monday Made It with you! Finally! 

So far, my summer has consisted of snuggling with this little guy and not much else. At all. 

And it's been so worth it! Best summer ever!!!!!!!

This is a really quick and easy project to help display directions (or really display anything...) Last year, I used picture frames to display directions for my Daily 5 stations like this:

I found that by the end of the first station, stinky little hands had almost always "accidentally" erased the dry erase maker and I'd be rewriting over and over again. (Annoying!)

So this year, I'm going to try this-

I bought a frame and clipboard from Dollar Tree, and...... hot glue gunned them together! (I took the glass out first.) That's it! 

I'll use these over and over to display directions in hopes that this'll be a little more effective than the picture frame from last year...

(This is from Amy Lemon's Easy As 1-2-3 Math Centers

I'll put the directions with the basket of supplies needed! 

(This is from my Statement or Question centers pack- on my to-do list to upload it!!!) 

I also used my Silhouette to "cute" it up a bit by adding the word "Directions" with adhesive vinyl to the bottom of the clipboard. 

This could be really cute if you had an adorable clipboard instead of this boring brown one I used.... Like THESE from Target!

You could even use it on your teacher desk to display a "to-do" list. 

Really, you can display anything! :) I might even place one on each table group and display "Super Star" work on it from the kids...? 

Now make sure to go check out what everyone else is making over at 4th Grade Frolics!!! 

Happy summer!!!!