All Things Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is right around the corner (February 8th!). Here are a few ideas to celebrate and learn with your class! 

Chinese New Year resources, activities, app suggestions, literacy stations, book suggestions, and chopstick ideas!

Don't Click On That!!!!!!! Tips for Getting Students Started with Online Research {FREEBIE}

The internet can be a scary place for both students and teachers. Help young students begin online research and navigate the internet with these free resources. Website suggestions, QR codes, digital citizenship videos, graphic organizers, and best practices included.

As a digital learning coach this year, we get lots of requests to help come into classrooms and help get kids started researching. The internet can be a big scary place, for both teachers and students, and sometimes it's hard to decide where to even start students when they want to use the internet to learn about something. 

These are a few resources I've compiled along the way, and a few tips to help get your students started on researching. 


Ringing in the New Year with Cotton Ball Poppers

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! My wonderful friends and I over at See Mama Teach are linking up for a fun New Year's blog hop! 

We're sharing ideas and freebies to help you ease back into January (and work)! 

Welcome to stop #4! 

About two months ago, I started a TpT project- a New Year's Party Pack (kind of like my Pumpkin Party Pack and Valentine Party Pack) with all sorts of fun activities you can do with your students or your own kids to celebrate the New Year and also do some learning!