Happy (Almost) 2014!

I am so excited for 2014!

2013 was a little bit of a tough year for me and my family (if I'm being honest...) But amidst the tough times, we had some wonderful times too! I'm joining Kristin, Hadar, and Traci for 13 in 13. Here are 13 of my favorite memories from 2013 (there's a little school and a lot of personal stuff here!) 

 1. I presented at the San Diego CUE conference with a dear teaching friend and partner! We are looking forward to presenting at the CUE in Palm Springs in March, too! 

2. I "just went for it" with some things at school. Here we are Mystery Skyping with Kate from Purely Paperless's class! With a Mystery Skype, you connect with another class and ask questions to figure out where the other class is in the nation (or even world)! My kids had so much fun with this!!! And Kate's class even showed us how their playground was covered in snow! 

3. The weather! This is what we've been "dealing with" in Southern California ;-) 

4. Colleagues have become more than just "people I work with"- these are amazing friends that I love dearly. 

5. This is not one of my favorite moments at all, but I just feel like I need to put it in here. We had to say goodbye to our sweet Abby girl just shy of her 14th birthday as we helped her to the Rainbow Bridge. My heart still aches and I miss her so much everyday. 

6. These two have kept me entertained...
Thank goodness for pets to help get us through the tougher days........ 

7. My mom continues to be an angel! She comes in to school once a week to work with my kiddos and help me out! 

8. We took an amazing cruise to Alaska this summer! If you ever get the chance to go, GO!!!!

9. We celebrated my grandpa's 91st birthday this year!

10. And spending time with family is always the best! 

11. I told my class I'm expecting...

12. And on Christmas we found out... 

13. My word for 2014 is LOVE. 

And just for fun... 

I hope you are enjoying these last few hours of 2013 with family and friends! 

Here's to all of the WONDERFUL 2014 will bring! 


Currently & SALE Time!!!

I CAN'T believe it's already December!!!!!!! I also can't believe I haven't done a Currently in MONTHS! 

Here's what I'm up to....

LISTENING- I always think it's funny when security system people come to our door trying to sell us a fancy schmancy security system for the house as the dogs are barking their heads off at him.... I mean, they're vicious.... 

LOVING- Yipeeeee! Only fourteen school days until Christmas break! That's only, like, 91 hours. ;-) But who's counting...?

THINKING- If you didn't know (!?!?????) TPT is having a SALE! I'm stocking up!!!!!!!! 

WANTING- I have a date with my best teaching buddies to hit up Fuddruckers for a burger and milk shake later this week. Yum!!! 

NEEDING- Our class got a beta fish today.... I've got my fingers crossed he makes it through the night... When I transferred him to his new bowl today with "purified" water he started to move really slowly... I really don't want to get to school in the morning and find a floating fish... Fingers crossed! 

TRADITION- We always watch Christmas Vacation with the family over break. It never gets old! What's your favorite Christmas movie...???

Happy TPT shopping and counting down to Christmas break! :)

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