What a Day!!!

I've been working frantically to get things checked. off. my. list. This end of the year gig is never ending!!! (At least that's how it feels right now!!!)

Here are a few things I did check off my list today!!!

1. Life Cycles Performance

Done! Although I did have one friend FALL ASLEEP during the performance. On stage. In the front row. Sound asleep. I have this on video if you don't believe me... It's actually kind of funny/cute/not sure if I should be mad or feel bad for him... When I asked him about it, he said he was tired because his dog was licking his face all night. Poor guy.  ;-)  

But it's done!!!

2. Cleaning out our desks

Check! This is one (of the many disgusting things we found) and who knows how long it's been in there...

Eeeew gross. Have your kids found anything disgusting in the deep down depths of their desks??? Please, do share. It will make me feel better!

3. Enjoying the little moments... 

Friend #1 (sobbing hysterically): I want my moooommm and daaaaddddd!!!!!!
Friend #2: Here, I'll give you a hug...
Friend #1 (can't even breathe crying): I waaannnttttt tooooo goooo hooooommmmmeee!
Friend #2: I know, I feel the same way.

I wanted to jump in and say me too- I want to go home too. Instead, I cherished the moment of one friend helping and consoling another friend, totally unprovoked. I've got to remember to hold onto these little moments these last few days together rather than all of the craziness!!!

Now off to get ready for a very dear friend's baby shower tomorrow!!! At least I have a helper!!!!



  1. One of my students had an old container of milk in his backpack one day. It had been in there for several days. When he came into the room, the stench was immediately unbearable. We had to put the backpack into a heavy duty trash bag and leave in the pod all day with a note telling people not to touch. Thankfully, his mom took care of it that night!

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  2. OMG Sandy.... I have found some NASTY stuff. I had a girl who used to always sneak food in her desk. I think she did it because it drove me nuts. When she transferred schools mid year I had to go through her crumbly desk.... I'm seriously surprised there wasn't bugs. I got immediately sad b/c I found one of my favorite Junie B. Jones books covered in some sort of sticky smelly juice substance. YUCK.

    Funny story: not really related, but kinda haha. One of my friends teaches 5th at my school. One of her girls asked her what she should do because she found a pet duck on the way to school and wanted to keep it. She brushed it off, told the girl it wasn't a good idea, and went on with the day. Well... end of the day comes and guess what.... THE GIRL HAD THE DUCK IN HER BACKPACK ALL DAY!! not even kidding. I almost died when I heard about it haha. Poor duckie :(

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  3. Found what was once (according to the owner...) a sandwich that he didn't finish at lunch and "accidentally" left inside the desk. Needless to say, that child was never allowed to use his desk again. I taped it off (not just for the sandwich...there was a reason why this sandwich wasn't found in a timely manner!!!) and he wasn't allowed inside that desk (he used his cubby) ever. Ugh.

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  4. LUNCH BOXES! I had a kid leave a lunch box in her cubby for over two weeks! So gross!

    I can't believe some people are still in school!


  5. I found a week old carton of milk once inside one of my first grade students desks. It had blown up like a balloon and started to leak and smell when I found it. That's the grossest thing inside a desk for me.
    But once I was counting money with a fellow teacher after school. I picked up a coin and before I could think about it I'd thrown it partway across the room. There was something gooey stuck on it! I couldn't wash my hands enough after that!
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  6. This isn't gross, but it is one of those "seriously???" moments....one of my students brought a popsicle to school for his snack. He arrives to school at 8:00. We have snack at 10:30. He was perplexed that his popsicle had changed form. I had no words for it (and still don't). I could only shake my head and walk away.


  7. It is completely gross in some students' desks. I remember a couple of my students' desks looked like a rodent's nest because they had had pencil sharpeners and had used their desks as a shavings dump. So gross!

  8. Oh yuck...We mostly find bugs...a lot of bugs.So, so gross!! One of our kiddos even claimed to find "pincher bug poop"...doubtful...But, it did give us a good chuckle.

    Happy Summer Friend!!! Enjoy. :)

    Christy & Tammy