Short a and i Literacy Station { FREEBIE }

Hi everyone!!!

I am so excited to offer you a freebie today (while I am sunbathing on the top of the Carnival Sensation deck) ;-) 

Let me tell you how this started...

My district uses Houghtin Mifflin LA curriculum. You know, the really super duper old one. This one:

Check out this picture from "A Trip to the Firehouse"

:-/ eeek!! A little outdated, right? (Okay, I'm pretty sure that's NOT how dispatchers send firefighters to a fire, anymore. I'm just saying...) 

Does anyone else out there use this curriculum??? 

Anyways, each week, there is a new story, and each story is embedded within a theme. 

So for each story, there are different skills we are supposed to always teach. I've always felt like if my kids could just get a little more independent practice in with these skills, they would master them a lot faster and with more confidence. So... I created these literacy stations to go with our first story- (which is Dragon Gets By by Dav Pilkey- which I love) but they can be used even if you don't use HM (lucky, lucky, you!- not that you can use them...that you don't use HM!!! :). They are dinosaur themed (because I couldn't find any cute dragon clip art) so they can be used pretty much anytime. 

My hope was to create some basic stations, of activities the kiddos can (eventually) do independently. I'll teach them how to do these stations in the beginning of the year, and hopefully they'll be able to do them on their own as the year progresses. 

I'm thinking these would be good for 1st or 2nd graders, or even struggling 3rd graders who need a little extra practice. And it's aligned with the Common Core! And they are in color AND black and white too! 

This one is for short a and i. There are two different activities: a scoot and a sort. 

It also includes recording sheets for the kids, teacher directions (in case you have a volunteer), student directions (in case you want to put them in a folder), and answer keys (so the kiddos don't bother you). If I missed something, please feel free to let me know!

Please let me know what you think if you grab them!

I always love hearing from you!!!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another freebie! 

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Have a wonderful Monday! 


  1. That's the series we use! My goodness they certainly cram a lot of things to do in that book...who has time to really learn everything when you only do it once?

    I see CA is lucky enough to get a book with Henry & Mudge on it...we have the generic orange one with a treehouse on it.

  2. I hope you are having a great time!! Thanks for the freebie! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Thanks for the freebie, it looks awesome.

  4. Hi Sandy,

    We still use HM up in Alpine. I will use ANYTHING that you create for it that is innovative. Luckily, we are also doing the Daily 5 so I have the freedom to use HM as needed for my Daily 5 program. Are you still doing your Universal Access next year? What writing program do you use? Is Lakeside fully incorporating the Common Core next year? Sorry for all of the questions but I am so curious to know what other districts in SD are doing. Hope you had a great vacation!


  5. Thanks so much for all of the freebie literacy activities. We use the ancient HM series also. I'd love to have other activities that go along with the other stories in the series. Do you think you will continue to make them?

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