Must-Haves Monday

I am so excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week! I didn't get to participate last year (because I wasn't blogging then!) but I am so happy to be able to link up this year! I love getting a peek into everyone else's lives (both at school and personally) so I am excited to see everyone else's must-haves!!!  

Here are some of my Must-Haves :-) 

My was love at first lamination! And the best $30.00 I've ever spent! Ever! 

A new lunch box. I hate packing my lunch everyday (because who really has time to eat...??? It's more like scarf down whatever I can find...) so having a cute lunch box helps! (Thanks mom! ;-)

Airborne & hand sanitizer & Vitamin C. This trio helped me stay germ free last year!!!

All of my "i" stuff...iPhone, iPad, and my Mac Book. I couldn't survive without this stuff!!! And I couldn't stay organized! And I couldn't create anything! And I couldn't email! Yikes!

Clipart by Corazon Dulce

Sharpies...gotta love the Sharpies!!! I use them all day everyday. 

And finally, my dogs! It's so nice to come home after a loooooong day and see these smiling faces!!!

What are some of your Must-Haves!?!?! Go link up!!! :-)


  1. I also wrote about Sharpies! Looks like they're a Myst-Have across the board. And the laminator? I agree. I'm obsessed.


    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. Oh, yes! iEverything is a must-have for me too!
    Love those cute dogs!

    Second Grade Sparkle