Today's Numbers

Number of kiddos I have: 25 

Number of times I said, "WOW!!! I LOVE how you're following our classroom rules!!!!!!! WOW!!!": 845

Number of hugs given and received: 40

Number of criers: 0 (yippee!!!) 

Number of shoes I tied: 4

Number of shoes I untied (the left and right somehow got tied together...hmmm.....): 1

Number of hours I "held it": 6 

Number of things I got done from my plans: 1/2 

Number of Master's classes I have to go to after school: 0 (YAY YAY YAY!!!!!) 

Number of days until I can get back to this: 


If today was your first day back, I hope you had a wonderful first day and I hope you fell in love with your kids like I did!!!

And now.... time to rest up for Day 2!!!



  1. Love this and I'm amazed at your ability to still be witty after the exhausting first day.

  2. Love this day in numbers post! I hope you had a great first day bloggy BFF! Double yay for no masters classes too!
    Fourth and Ten
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  3. Look at you keeping and utilizing data to analyze your day. ;P
    love it!

  4. It was my first day too. I had a great day but I am tired. I laughed at how many times you complimented students on following the rules. I think my number is way up there too!

  5. Cute little post, love :) 179 huh? lol