Place Value Fun and a Freebie!!!

I am SO SO SO excited!!! (Notice all of the exclamation marks!!!!!) I've (finally!) finished my Place Value Fun Pack!

This started off as an idea about two months ago, and I've FINALLY been able to finish it!!! Yipeeee!!!

I created this unit after realizing my kiddos needed some serious help with place value and reading different kinds of numbers!!! Check it out:

Click the picture to head over to TPT! 

This unit is jam packed (150 pages!!!!!) with fun and engaging activities to help your students practice place value!

All of the activities included in this unit have two different choices in order to differentiate for all of your learners! One choice includes numbers using only tens and ones, and the second choice includes numbers using hundreds, tens, and ones. 

This unit covers five different ways to show numbers: with numbers, with blocks, in expanded form, with ones, tens, and hundreds, and with number words. 

There are four activities to do with each way to show numbers: memory match, a pocket chart/center activity, an independent center called “Pick It!”, or a scoot around the room.  

Also included in this unit are: 
- Different ways to show numbers posters
- Student directions for each activity
- Teacher/volunteer instructions for each activity
- Answer keys for each activity.  

In addition, there is an engaging activity that gets students moving and interacting with each other while practicing place value and different ways to show numbers!

And good news!!! It'll be ON SALE tomorrow and Tuesday!!!!

And here's your freebie!!! I can't take credit for this idea, but it's such a GREAT idea!!! Greg at

who is absolutely hilarious and brilliant!!! (head over there NOW!) blogged about this a few weeks ago and I knew I had to try it out! And it was WONDERFUL!!!

I use this activity as morning work, but it can be used any time of the day! When the students come into the classroom first thing in the morning, I place a sticker on their shirt. There is a recording sheet ready to go on their desks. They come into the classroom, get settled, and get to work walking around the classroom saying good morning to their friends and reading the numbers on their friends' stickers. Then they record their friends' numbers on their recording sheets. This is a brilliant way to get your students up and moving, saying good morning or hello, AND practicing reading numbers in different ways!

Click either picture to take you to Google Docs!

Just print the labels on Avery Address Labels 8860! Slap one on the kids' shirts in the morning. Give them a recording sheet and let them go! Super fun, super engaging, super easy, and super learning going on!

Have a great Sunday!!!!

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  1. Hi Sandy - love the ideas and your place value pack is simply adorable...just like you! You got it ready just in time for the big sale. :o) Hope you have a great cyber Mon and Tues.
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