Lots of Valentine's Day Pictures!

We had so much fun at our Valentine's Day celebration on Thursday!!! The most fun I've ever had with a class in my six years of teaching!!! It went so smoothly with the help some amazing volunteers!!! 

Here are some pics from the six stations we visited!!!

Estimation Station 

Measuring with Hearts 

Make 100 card game

Graphing with Hearts

Exploring the Human Heart (this was a favorite station- so fun!!!)

And last but not least... 
Mail Delivery 

The card/candy/treat/sugar passing-out was confined to one little (quiet & calm!!!!) area! It was beautiful! ;-)

And when the kiddos were finished passing their goodies out, they used the computer to go to this website- it's FILLED with Valentine's Day fun!!! (Thanks to Shannon at Technology Rocks!!!)

If you're interested in any of these activities from my Valentine's Party Pack, you can click HERE to check them out on TPT! They're on sale for $1 in case you want to grab it and file it for next year! (Plus, all of the stations (except the Mail Delivery station) are Common Core aligned! :)  

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and were surrounded by students and colleagues and people and things you love! 

I know I was! :)


  1. I have to admit the pup picture is my fave :)

    My Second Sense

  2. Holey moley - how did you find the time?! It looks like you all have a fantastic week. Love the hands-on heart learning...so much fun :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Looks likes your kiddos had a GREAT time!! {And do I spy some gumball machines in the background?!}
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. How fun Sandy - glad you had a blast!

  5. What cute activities! It looks like it was a day of fun. Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

  6. I love love your human heart station!! How fun!! :) You are so clever! Cute puppy, too!

    Second Grade Sparkle