March Currently Time!!!

It's already March!!! This year is just flying by!

I think all of my Currently's have me listening to FRIENDS. It's my all time favorite show, it's all over my DVR (see-)

and it's always on my TV. Where's Sara- she can relate right!?!? :)

I love the staff I work with, which makes going to work each day that much better. On Friday night, we participated in a district-wide air band competition and it was so much fun...

And this was only half of the people that participated. Even though we came in second, we had such a wonderful time- one of the highlights of my year!!! I am so thankful to work with such amazing people. 

I have report cards coming up, and I need to get working on those!!! All of my assessments are done (yay!) but now I actually need to sit down and do the report cards. I (might) do that this afternoon... ;-)

I went to Target yesterday and got this super cute springy dress for a baby shower I went to! It made me want to do more "springy" shopping! :) 

Plus, the weather is really warming up (it was in the 90s yesterday!!!) and I love (and like) the sunshine!!!

(So does Abby...) 

I love my students!!! This is probably the best class I've ever had!!!

And I hate sneezing- with Spring comes allergies, and with allergies come sneezing and itchy eyes. :-( 

Hope you're having a great weekend!!!! I'll be back this week with some fun school stuff we've been working on in class!!! I promise! :) 

And make sure to link up with Farley for this month's Currently!!!


  1. Coming over from Farley's Currently! I love your dress! I need to do some spring shopping too! But, I am hoping to lose some weight before spring! :)

  2. That is a super cute dress. Target always has some great things. Working with people you like is such a blessing!

    Adventures in First with Mrs. Key

  3. Hi sandy,
    Your district sounds so fun...I'm very jealous because I would love to dress up and do something like that. Can I be your mascot..LOL
    I'm glad you are so happy with your district. Also I have been spring shopping a bit too - bring it! I'm so ready for spring. xoxo

  4. YES!! You just made my day! A majority of my Currently's start with Friends lol. My husband makes me delete my Friends because there are so many on our DVR!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. A district-wide air band competition?! How FUN!!

  6. Wow. the air band competition sounds like so much fun!!! And what a cute picture of you guys! Love the bright colors!! Reading your currently makes me wanna do some spring shopping as well!! I wish our weather would have some consistency though.... what's with the rain later this week?! Your sweet Abby is absolutely adorable soaking up the sunshine!!

  7. What a wonderful find! Such a cute dress!!

    Teaching In Oz

  8. I love the font you used in your "Currently" - would you mind sharing which font it is?