Fun Saturday Snapshots

Just stopping in REALLY quickly to link up with Miss Nelson for Saturday Snapshots

FYI- This is super random and not school related at all!- It's summertime- what can I say!?!?! 

We had some birthday fun this week for hubby's birthday! 

Me and my sis :) 

And I made THIS cake!!!

Everyone LOVED it!
AND it was super easy to make! 

It's a layer of ice cream sandwiches, a layer of Cool Whip, a layer of caramel, and a layer of Reese's! Repeat, and you've got yourself one amazingly delicious cake! 

I got a new phone case from EmbellishCases on Etsy which I'm in love with!!! 

And I got an awesome thrift store chair for school that I'm so excited to reupholster and make awesome...

And HERE'S what we told my sister about the chair ;-) 

(I think she actually believed us....) Bahahahaha!!!

Now we're headed to the airport and are off for our Alaskan cruise! I promise when we get back I'll have some school stuff goin' on- but for now, not so much ;-)

Have a great weekend (and week!) 


  1. Oh gosh! Have so much fun on your cruise! I loved visiting Alaska. I hope you'll share some pictures when you get back. I love the story you told your sister about the chair!

  2. Have a wonderful trip.Love the new phone case and that cakes looks delicious.
    Hilarious about the chair. Take lots of pictures

  3. Great pics. I hope you have fun on your cruise. Be sure to take a lot of pictures to share.


  4. Have a wonderful time on that cruise. I bet the scenery will be amazing!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. Still laughing about the chair story! You know someone out there has probably done that!
    Make sure you post pics when you finish your chair.
    Oh, and that cake looks delicious! Low cal right? :o)

    Life in Room 24

  6. OMGosh! The cake is to die for! My mouth is watering looking at the photo! Love the chair story... LOL!

  7. My hubby would love that cake! Will have to try to remember it for next year. Have a great time on your trip!

  8. I totally want to find a chair like that! I have about six "grown up" chairs in my classroom, but they are all on their last legs, or not too comfy. Can't wait to see yours all redone! Have a great time on your cruise!!!

    Kindergarten A to Z

  9. I just got back from AK on the 27th! We left out of Vancouver. I was on the Sapphire Princess. I hope your cruise was as awesome as ours was... We had blue skies and nice temps for 99% of the cruise. Enjoy! :) Catherine