Volcano Fun!

If you follow my Instagram account (@soaring_through_2nd) you know we've been learning all about volcanoes this week! Here's a step by step in case you want to do this fun experiment with your class!!!

We used masking tape to create the structure on top of a large piece of cardboard. (That's a 2 liter bottle under there!) 
:) I did this myself and had it ready to go for the kids. 

We used newspaper strips and paper mache to cover the structure. Each kiddo got to add five strips. (A parent volunteer for this part is extremely helpful!- Thanks Mom!!!)  
The paper mache is 1 part flour to 2 parts water! 

Ta da!!!!!!!!!

We painted it.....

And then watched it erupt!!!

(Not the greatest picture- sorry!) 
(Also- do you like the houses the kids made at home and brought in to put around our volcano...? ;-)

Here's the mixture we put inside, in this order:

Water (About a cup or so...) 
A little bit of dish soap
Red food coloring 
Baking soda

No exact measurements- we just kind of dumped it all in... and when nothing happened, we added more. The only two ingredients you really need are the baking soda and vinegar.

It was raining outside, so we had to do this inside, and it was totally fine- didn't make too much of a mess! 

Have fun, and happy erupting!!!

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  1. Love this sandy...so hands on, fun and creative for your kids.