Bright Ideas for Lunchtime

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited to be joining in on this month's Bright Ideas linky! Just in time for some wonderful back to school ideas from the best bloggers around! 

One of the things I despise the most during the school year is packing my lunch. Bleh! It's a hassle to pack the night before (or the morning of!), nothing ever really tastes good, and if you're like me, it's not really lunch- it's more of me shoving random snacks (i.e. M&Ms, Cheez-Its, Gatorade...) into my mouth while frantically running around trying to make copies and get ready for the afternoon....

I do have to say, though- I am lucky to have a duty free lunch! I know many people do not and I don't know how you do it!!!! What does your lunchtime look like??? 

Anyways... here are a few bright ideas for you to help combat the lunchtime blues!!!

Lunch bag is from Target! 

Lunch Buddies

Have a teacher friend with the same lunchtime as you? Be Lunch Buddies! You each choose one day of the week, and on your day you bring lunch in for BOTH of you! This way, the other person doesn't have to worry about packing a lunch that day! And really, you just have to pack extra of whatever you were going to bring anyways! Easy cheesy! And the best part- you don't have to pack a lunch on your buddy's day! You just enjoy what they brought!!! You could even do this with groups of three or four lunch buddies!... The more buddies, the LESS you have to pack your lunch!!!  

Soup/Salad Club

Our Social Committee heads a Soup Club in the winter and a Salad Club in the spring. All we do is place a calendar up in the lounge and designate one day of the week as "Soup Club" day. You sign up for ONE day to bring a soup (or salad during the spring) to share with the other members. That's ONE day over the course of two-three months! Then every Soup Club day of each week, you get to enjoy the soups that other people bring! AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO PACK YOUR LUNCH THAT DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!! Depending on your staff, you'll want to have multiple people sign up for each day so you don't run out of soup or salad! (We've also had people sign up to bring bread or drinks too!) 

Do you have any Bright Ideas for lunchtime!? (Or any other ways I can get out of packing my lunch during the week...???) Please share in the comments!

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  1. Soup club is one of my favourite things! The best is when you forget about it (if that's possible, I'm usually so stinkin' excited) and you bring a lunch and then realize that it's soup club! Then you already have lunch for the next day!

    Apples, Owls, and Peppermint Mochas

  2. Too cute! I think we do this at my new school, I'll have to join :)

  3. We have salad luncheons once a month at our school! Other than that I am horrible about getting my lunch together in the mornings, but that lunch sack sure is cute!!!


  4. Last year I used a pinterest idea. On Sunday afternoon I "built" 5 salads in quart size mason jars...I layered different veggies and proteins and sometimes fruit. (Dressing can go on the bottom as long as a "hearty" veg like carrots or cabbage is on top. When sealed with the lids these salads stay FRESH all week. (Even avacado doesn't turn brown by day 5!) I also made "summer oatmeal" in small mason jars (1/2 pint or pint) and put oatmeal, milk, yogurt in them then shook the jar...added fruit and again put on lids and put in fridge. (Pinterest has the exact recipe...just search summer oatmeal) Then each morning I could grab two jars and go....worked great. Not sure why I stopped but I am planning on starting again next week when we begin school.

  5. Hi Sandy Ann! What a great idea to have a Salad/Soup Club! I enjoyed meeting you at blog meet up in Old Town! Hope you have a wonderful year!