Assess Me! A Fun Get To Know You Linky!

I'm so excited to link up with Rachel from the Tattooed Teacher for a fun Assess Me! Linky! What a fun way to start thinking about the Back to School season and get to know a little more about some wonderful teacher bloggers!

Week one is all YES or NO questions! How fun it this!?!?

Here are my answers! :) 

Thank you Rachel! Make sure to link up HERE and join the fun!  


  1. I like finding fellow Sandys! I talk to my dogs, turtles, and fish too!

    Sandy at Elementary Expedition

  2. I used to want to go on a Disney cruise so bad! Thanks for linking up Sandy!

  3. I talk to my dogs all the time too! And sometimes I really think they are listening. :) Happy summer!

  4. I talk to my dogs as well!! AND I am from Cali as well.