Amazingly Unique & Easy End of the Year Video

An incredibly easy, different approach to put together your end of the year class video (or open house video!). And it only takes a second!
Raise your hand if you've spent hours upon hours trying to put together the perfect end of the year video for your students..... Picking out the perfect pictures, making sure all the students are included equally, hunting down parents for pictures from field trips, searching external hard drives for those pictures you *knew* you took at the Christmas party in December, finding the perfect music, cutting the music, waiting for 35 DVDs to burn.... All the night before the last day of school.....? 

Me too. 

Here's a quick, easy, unique alternative that is incredibly touching and different. And it'll only take a second (or two) everyday... 

That's one second from everyday of your and your student's classroom life. The cafeteria. P.E. Recess. Parties. Guided reading groups. The Pledge of Allegiance. Morning meeting.  Number talks. Assemblies. The playground. All those simple moments that make up the magic of what we do everyday. But only one second. 

This app allows you to pull video from that day into your camera roll, choose the one second you want, and will mash it altogether in chronological order to create one video. The date even automatically shows up in the corner for you- no editing by you needed. 

This app makes it incredibly easy. It's so easy, your students could even be involved in this (or at least reminding you each day to take the 1 second video!). Another idea... if you're 1:1 and your students have their own devices, you would be able to get your students making THEIR OWN 1 Second Everyday videos to show what's important to them....!!!

Here's an example from a teacher on YouTube! 

A few tips for you!

(NOT vertically! Videos should NEVER be taken vertically.... Just saying!) 

Even things that don't seem exciting are important. These tiny moments make up the magic that is your classroom. 

Don't forget! If you forget to take video from a day, it won't let you add video from the next day- the video has to be taken on that date. (This could even be a class job...? To take the video OR remind you to!) 

I am creating one with my almost two year old and I wish I had've done this sooner. What an amazing keepsake to look back on! 

At the end of the school year, you'll have a 180 second video of those precious moments that you shared with your students. The kids will love it too, because those seconds spark so many memories in a unique way! 

You can read more about the app and idea {HERE}

You can buy it {HERE}

Happy 1 Second Everyday-ing! 

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