Using Google Forms & Sheets to Organize Groups

Recently I've met with teachers to discuss the easiest way to organize groups. HA! I know that's a totally loaded topic, and there are about a million ways to organize groups in your classroom.... But here's one way to use Google Forms and Google Sheets to organize students quickly and not waste any extra unnecessary time! This is especially useful when you're working with other teachers, and students are moving in and out of your classroom! Check it out!

Huge time saver! Learn how to use Google Forms & Google Sheets for assessment data and to organize and group students!

I know every trimester or semester (and usually more often than that!) we reorganize our collaborative groups and reading groups (and math groups and every other group really!) based on what our students need. This usually involves some sort of assessment to determine what exactly students need, and many times it involves other teachers and classes as well. It can turn into a messy, time consuming situation. I remember having student's names all written on post its, beautifully color coded, in massive piles laid out across the floor. It took hours to get everyone exactly where we wanted them (on hands and knees), and then extra time to write down the groups and we always forgot someone or misplaced a student.

Check out how to create a Google Form to grab the assessment data and organize it quickly using Google Spreadsheets! This is a HUGE time saver!!!!!!!!

What do you think??? Please share! How do you organize your groups??? I'd love to hear from you!

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