Spread Some Love

Tomorrow is February and we all know what that means!!!... Love is in the air!!!

At my school, our staff does February Secret Pals.... kind of like Secret Santa but for Valentine's Day. It's just a fun way to keep each other motivated, and it's super fun to give and receive cute little items in your box each day!

For one week, we spread some love to our secret pals by placing five small items in their box, one for each day of the week. On Friday, you get to find out who your secret pal is and thank them! It definitely adds some fun to the week, and it's always exciting to sneak around and spoil your secret pal. :) 

Here is the form we use to organize secret pals and give each other ideas of what to get one another.

You can get a copy of it HERE if you'd like. (If you want the Word Doc to edit it, just leave me your email and let me know :)

I know we spend so much of our time with our students and put all of our hearts into the kiddos and our classrooms....I think it's so important to celebrate each other too! After all, we're in this together, right? :-)

Does your staff do anything fun for Valentine's Day!?!



  1. My school does a Secret Santa exchange but nothing for Valentine's Day. What a great idea, although my former teaching partner and I exchanged little gifts on Valentine's Day. :) What a fabulous idea!
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  3. I'd love to use your doc for this! Thank you! snowgirls1978@gmail.com

  4. I would love to have a copy to use with my staff. Thank you so much! whiteheadja87@gmail.com

  5. Hi, can you please send me a copy? Thank you!!! ksmith@ausd.net

  6. I love this!! May I please have the doc to edit? Thank you!!!