Happy Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!!! I hope we all made it through the day to a well deserved three day weekend! Yay! 

Every month, one grade level team at our school is responsible for "Friday Feast." We decorate the lounge and bring in goodies and lunch for everyone. Friday Feast always brings everyone together (we all go to where the food is :) to catch up between our crazy-busy days at school. Today was second grade's turn for Friday Feast, so we decided to go with the Friday the 13th theme. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures: 

Also, Mrs. Wills at Mrs. Will's kindergarten has organized a linky party for teachers and students affected by the tornados in Joplin, MO. Since I have nothing in my TpT store, and can't even figure out how to embed GoogleDocs on my blog yet, I have nothing to share. But, I can spread the word. :) Check out her blog if you have anything to share!   

Figuring all these things out is on my list of things to do over the weekend!

I hope you made it through the day with no bad luck! Happy weekend!!!


  1. What a really cool way to build community at your school. :) You guys did a great job decorating with the theme! :)
    Stories From Second

  2. Hi. I'm following now. Thanks for sharing your blog with us all.
    Forever in First

  3. We do a "Fat Friday". You're right. Everyone comes to the food! Love the Friday the 13th theme.
    ♥ Dragonflies in First ♥

  4. I love all the decorations! The look fabulous! Sounds like you guys had a fun Friday!

  5. LOVE the Friday the 13th themed decor! Too cute. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun : )