Editing... Blah

Editing is probably one of the most boring things for my kiddos to do. We don't edit all of our work, but we do edit pieces of writing that we want to publish. (This probably happens about once a month.) 

I had to find a way to jazz it up a little, and keep them responsible for their own editing. To do this, we do two things...

First, I have the kids circle evidence of whatever we are looking for that day. Today, we edited for capitals. So the kids had to go through their writing and circle all of the capitals they found with a red crayon. Then they had to ask themselves, "Does that capital belong there?" If not, they needed to edit it and fix it up. I've found by making them give me evidence by circling, they spend more time on this rather than glancing at their paper for about 10 seconds, then shouting "I'm done!!!!" We also look for sNeaKy capitals that are so sneaky and sneak into the middle of our sentences!!!

We did the same thing with punctuation. They circled all of the punctuation with blue and asked themselves, "Does that belong there?" 

Second, what's more motivating to a seven year old than a magnifying glass. We use these so they'll really pay attention and actually search for those capitals and punctuation. And it seems to help...they take it more seriously and take more time...

Here are some pics from our writing block today! 

He was super into using that magnifying glass. He took this job very seriously!!!

The (almost) finished product

Tomorrow we'll be checking for spelling. Hopefully, those kids that wrote "I think we should git a hermit crap fur ar class pet" will fix it up!!!

How do you help your little ones edit their writing purposefully??? I'd LOVE more ideas!!!

Tomorrow is Friday!!!! My favorite day of the week!!!!!

                                                                                       Source: bit.ly via Hector on Pinterest


  1. I love the magnifying glass idea. Brilliant.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I found the idea for Capitals, Spelling, and Punctuation hats on Pinterest. I made them and the kids loved them! I put them in groups of 3 and they each had a hat and a matching colored pencil. They passed their papers around and checked each other's papers for whatever their hat said! They had a ton of fun and they got to read each other's writing!

  3. Love the hat idea from Briawna!

    Your magnifying glasses are awesome! In the land of the Firsties, we do "Cool Blue Capitals" and give them a blue felt tip pen (or colored pencil, whatever) and make sure their sentences start with a cool blue, that names do, etc.
    We also start them on a "1-2" check; check 1=capital, check 2=punctuation. You could list a few more numbers with what you are working on.
    Christy & Tammy

  4. LOVE the magnifying glass idea! :)

    It seems like in third grade we use many of the same editing strategies. The kids like to swap with a buddy have someone else look at their writing.

    Light a Fire in Third Grade

  5. I have my students use crayons to circle and underline as they edit too. But, the magnifying glass idea is awesome! I'm pinning this one so I don't forget. Thanks for sharing!

    Primarily Speaking

  6. The little boy with the magnifying glass is so cute. I is really studying his writing! :) I love the proof idea. I think I'll give that a shot with my 4th graders. Right now we just use red pens for editing and blue pens for revision. ~Amanda @ The Teaching Thief