This is War

We are working on place value up to hundreds right now!!! Which usually leads to a "pull my hair out" type of day! They just have the hardest time getting it.

Today I tried a war type game, and it turned out great (until in the middle of the lesson the office made an announcement saying we were on rainy day schedule and to take your kids to lunch NOW. So we scrambled like maniacs to make it to the cafeteria. PS- It was not, I repeat, was not, raining...???)! Nothing like rainy day schedule to turn the sweet little kiddies into wild turkeys!!! 

Here's what we did (before the interruption):

Kids were on teams with a board. The first team picked three playing cards (I took out the face cards and 10s) and tried to make the largest number they could. 

The second team picked three cards from the deck and made the largest number they could. 

All of the kids filled out their boards (these were copied placed in sheet protectors so they could erase and re-write) and decided who had the greater number. Whichever team got the greater number got to keep all the cards from that round and put them in a pile. 

We did this until all of the cards were gone, and whoever had the most cards in their pile won. :) 

The kids were super duper engaged and (I think/hope) they learned something about place value! 

I was also able to *easily* differentiate this activity... my "I Don't Know But I'll Shout it Out Anyways" group (thanks Kristin!- you couldn't have said it better!) picked two cards for two digit numbers, my right there group picked three cards for three digit numbers, and my "Bill Gates" group picked four numbers for thousands. 

Here's a cutsie board if you want to use it!

***Google Docs is not working for me. :( If you want the board, just leave me a comment with your email and I'll be happy to email it you! Sorry!!!*** Google Docs is working for me now now!!! Click the pic to get the download!!! :)

Any other ideas you have or resources you know of to work with place value??? I'd love to hear about 'em!!! 

Also... My favorite question from today: "Mrs. P..." (Sucks up a big whiff of air through his nose...) "Do you smell that???" (Another whiff of air...) "It's a real warm.... horse poop smell." In our classroom. 

Hope you had a great Thursday!!! :) 

I'm linking this post up to Laura at Corkboard Connection! She's having a Super Math Centers Linky! What a great idea!!! Thank you for hosting Laura!!! Head on over to get some more great ideas!!!! Just click the pic! :-)


  1. This game sounds great! And the horse poop smell...ewwww and that's hilarious! At least he gets points for being descriptive : ) I just linked up with Laura Candler's Super Math Centers Link Up at Corkboard Connections. You need to check it out and link up your post. It's perfect!

  2. Love it! This will be a great review for my kiddos as we finish up the year. :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  3. Looks fun. I'll take a copy.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. So cute! I would love to use it!!
    Where did you get that background paper??? It is too cute!
    Thank you!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  5. Ha! Lovely.
    This is a great idea. Pinning it. :D
    Dragonflies in First

  6. I LOVE this!! I just bought some cards... but wasn't exactly sure what games to come up with.... this is PERFECT! I would love to have a copy! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

  7. I have done this with the cards before but I would like a copy of your recording sheet please. We also play this game as addition and multiplication war. The face cards and 10s stay in the stack for those and of course you only draw 2 cards. The kids love it and it helps them practice their facts. Thanks for the post and the freebie! My email is

  8. I would love a copy of this! WE're working on place value right now too! Thank you for being willing to share!

  9. i would love a copy of this - we are here now in math. Thanks!

  10. So cute! Place value is painful! Why can't they get it? It's so logical. Makes such perfect sense. One number, one column, gets too squishy with 2, can only have 1, etc. It just doesn't click!!!
    Don't pull out too much hair-it's beautiful :)
    Happy Friday!

  11. I'm working on place value too. Would love a copy of your sheet.

  12. I would love a copy of your place value board. When the kids are having fun and engaged, it's a great time in any classroom.

  13. This is adorable! I would love a copy!!

  14. I would love to get a copy of your game board!! Thanks.

  15. This looks great! I would like a copy.

  16. Love this, Sandy! So cute and your friends had so much fun! :)
    Stories From Second

  17. Please send me a copy of your board, Thanks!

  18. Hi Sandy,

    I'd love a copy of your board. We start this concept tomorrow!