October Currently

Happy October!!!

Here's what I'm up to these days..

As always, thank you for hosting, Farley!!!

I need to get back into the swing of teaching and blogging! I haven't been so good lately...  

I'll be back soon with some fun Halloween ideas. :-) 

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying your weekend!!!!!!


  1. Thank goodness my dog is napping! He likes to bark at the neighbors, the kids in the park across the street, anyone walking on the sidewalk, the cats, pretty much everything. Have you ever tried putting rocks in a can and shaking it? I saw this recently, but haven't tried it.

  2. Im glad there weather is cooling down also.
    Flying Into First Grade

  3. I so love anything with Dragon. I don't have that book yet. Gonna need to get it!
    Yay for cooler temps!

  4. My doggie barks at everything and anyone! I'm sure I love our neighbors love us. :) Happy October friend!
    Fourth and Ten
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  5. My puppy loves to say hi to everyone that goes by - including the squirrels!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. Hahahaha…a dog who says hi. That totally made me smile. I have 2 labs who have decided they like living at grammy and grandpa's house better because grammy SPOILS them to much. Really I think it's my dad who does the spoiling. Anywho, my mom said to me one day, "The "girls" like being retired with Dad & me…so we're keeping them for a while." hmmm…and that was that. Love your Currently and I'm now following you too. Love your blog!

    Ms. Hutten’s Buttons