Pumpkin Party Pack & A Freebie

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am so excited to share my new unit with you! Check it out!!!

Click the picture to take you to TPT! 

I wanted to plan a "Pumpkin Party" for my class...and I searched high and low for recording sheets to go with all of the fun pumpkin activities you can do...

Pumpkin Measurement
Pumpkin Bowling 
Pumpkin Estimation Station
Sink or Float?
Make 20 game
and Odd or Even Seeds? 

But I couldn't find any. So I created them. :-) The more I worked on this project the more excited I became! All of the activities are aligned with 2nd grade Common Core math standards. And even though they're aligned with 2nd grade, they could easily be adapted to fit any grade level. 

I'm planning on spending an afternoon allowing the kids to move from station to station in small groups of 4-5 kids. I am hoping to get a parent volunteer to help at each station to explain directions, keep kids on track, and answer questions.

The pack includes a label for each station, directions for students and/or volunteers, a list of materials for each activity, recording sheets for each activity in color, gray scale, and black & white (you choose!), a parent volunteer request form, and a list of all of the Common Core standards that are addressed with each activity. 

Here is the Make 20 game for you as a freebie! Just click the picture! :-) 

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!


  1. This looks great! I just added it to my wishlist!

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  2. I hopped over to your blog because Vicky boo'd you. I LOVE your quote by Phoebe. Friends is one of my favorite all-time shows! Come on over and join the party by booing 3 of your favorite blogs. :-)

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