Elf Fun & Happy December

Happy happy December everyone!!! That means it's time to head over to Farley's for her Currently party!!!

My mom and I hung up our Christmas lights to surprise the hubby! We actually went way up on the roof. Way up high!!! And risked our lives for those lights!!!!!!!! The neighbors were looking at us funny...like why are those two cute, dainty girls up on the roof....??? But we survived with only a few scrapes and a close call, and maybe one possible mild concussion, but we did it! And the lights looked great. See!!!!

I say looked because the next day they started falling down. And I cried. But we fixed them- don't worry! 

Our elf arrived on Monday!!! And the kids don't seem to care she's watching them are so excited

Here were a few of the funny things the kids said when they saw her...

"What the heck is that thing....???"

"Is it a boy? Or a girl? Maybe it's one of those people that's both!" 

Luckily she arrived the next day with a skirt on! 

Check out some of the shenanigans she's gotten into... 

In our homework chart! 

Messing with our alphabet chart! 


One little stinker friend decided it would be FUNNY to touch her today!!! The rest of us were all so worried she was going to loose her magic so we immediately wrote an email together to Santa letting him know what had happened...

Here was our response from Santa.

(I got this idea from Pinterest! Thank goodness for Pinterest!!!)

If I had nonbelievers before, they're believers now!!! ;-) We'll be looking out for that package from Santa tomorrow...

My RAK is Gatorade! Everyday I get to work really really early and everyday I drive by this group of men who, well, I'm not really sure what they do exactly but it looks like some type of construction. I'm going to drop off a case of Gatorade for them. So they can power up throughout the day. :)

Speaking of powering up, I'm going to need to power up for these next couple of weeks! The kids are all sorts of  elf/Christmas/Santa/gingerbread crazy!!!!!

I'll be back to soon to share a wonderful "green" holiday celebration pack I'm working on!

Happy December!!!


  1. I've been hearing a lot about Elf on the Shelf lately and I LOVE the idea. However, because about half of my kids don't celebrate Christmas I can't bring in an elf. I guess I'll have to live through everyone else! More Sparkle updates, please! :)
    Bee Teaches

  2. Sandy....your elf is soo cute. I love when he messed with the alphabet chart. What's his name? I bet your kids love it and the Santa email..classic.

  3. Hi,
    I am hearing about the elf on the shelf too but didn't have time to start it right after Thanksgiving....is there an original post explaining it?
    Gatorade - great idea!

  4. Oh dear, too cute, too cute! I'm glad you're safe from being up on that roof!! Loads of fun in your super classroom!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  5. You're brave!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I could do my own lights!!!!
    That elf is hilarious! Love all the fun and the email!! Too funny!
    Hang in there over the next couple of weeks -- I'm lucky---I get out next Friday!!! :)


  6. Thanks for sharing! I found you on the December Currently! I love your elf pictures. They have a lot of GREAT ideas on Pinterest of where and how to hide him
    Come and check out my current Currently!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  7. Ha! This is a fun post! I can't believe you hung the Christmas lights-very impressive! I love the elf pictures, especially the one where she's messing with the alphabet strip. Too funny!!

    Primarily Speaking

  8. Oh my goodness, your post made me LOL! Thank you! My students seem to be forgetting about the naught & nice list lately, too. I really need to try out Elf on a Shelf! Have a great teaching day!

  9. This cracks me up. I really like the comment about whether the elf was a boy or girl. So silly!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  10. That email is hilarious! I bet your kiddos were freakin' out!