Need a fun holiday project...???

If you're looking for a fun holiday activity in your classroom (or at home for your kiddos!), you MUST run over to

and check out her

Click the picture! 

I am SO excited to do this unit with my kids this week! 

So much so that this is what I did on my Saturday night:

Gingerbread house prototype!!!

And my living room has turned into a gingerbread house prep factory!!!

I love it! 

On top of the fun, though, there's TONS of Common Core aligned activities- I'm talking reading comprehension, writing, math!!!!- to engage your students!  

Plus, EVERY single thing you need to have a successful gingerbread building house celebration is included here! Everything! Directions, tips, tricks, family letter! I'm all set!  

I've even turned it into an incentive for good behavior (because they're a little whack-a-do lately excited about Santa coming- if you know what I mean...)! Kids earn quarters for good behavior, and on Thursday they're going to visit the gingerbread supply shop and purchase the items they want to decorate their gingerbread houses on Friday!  

I'm looking forward to a fun gingerbread week with my students thanks to Amy!!! 


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  1. Aw, thanks for such a sweet post! I love your idea of earning the decorating treats!! Something to save for next year! Thanks for all the kind words!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized