Creating Audio QR Codes for Your Classroom!

Here's a step-by-step on how to create an audio QR code! I've decided to create these as often as I can and attach them to directions (mostly for independent centers and stations)- that way, if students are having trouble or aren't sure what to do, they can scan the QR code and listen to the directions! 

This is the easiest way I've found to create these audio QR codes (since I'm recording directly to the computer, rather than on an iPad or iPhone. This eliminates having to sync or email the recording and house it somewhere online- like DropBox)! 

Here are a few other ideas for audio QR codes in the classroom:

- Create a recording of a book and glue the QR code to the inside of the book- instant listening center! And you can do this with ANY book you want! 

- Have students create a review of a book from your classroom library. Glue the QR code to the inside of the book- then students can scan to hear a peer review of the book! 

- Have students record themselves reading their writing. Post the QR next to the student's writing so when visitors come in, they can scan and hear the student reading their writing! 

- Like I said before, attach a QR code of you reading the directions or instructions to a center or station. This eliminates the "What am I supposed to do here....?" question!  

- Give spelling tests this way! Record yourself reading the list of words. Students can scan the QR code and listen to each word and write the words down at their own pace! Students can even pause and go back as they need! 

Now I'm off to have a lazy Sunday!!!...

How do you use audio QR codes in your classroom!!???


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  2. Great post - just wondering if the URLs for the audio clips ever expire?