Five for Friday

It's literally been FOREVER since I've linked up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday! 

Here's a little peek from my week. :) 

I'm off on maternity leave now, waiting for baby to arrive (any day now!!!)! So most of my time has been spent getting the house ready! I'm so excited that his room is all ready to go and it turned out more amazing than I had hoped! 

This is my favorite room in the house! I love the light!!! 

I'm also SUPER excited to be getting a new blog design from Megan at A Bird In Hand Designs! See!

I kept seeing all of her amazing designs and I just couldn't resist! So make sure to check back soon to see my new design! Yipeee! 

I've also had some time to work on some TPT stuff {finally}!!!! I'm thinking ahead to the beginning of next year (crazy- I know!) and started working on some centers to align to our new Wonders curriculum (although you don't have to be using Wonders to enjoy these!).  

Does anyone else use Wonders!?!?!? I'd love to hear your thoughts! This was our first year with it, and there was definitely an adjustment period! Although I do have to say- I LOVE the text selections; they're all really high interest for the kids and lend themselves to great conversations!  

I got a brilliant idea to attach an audio QR code to the student directions in these centers. That way, if students are not quite sure what to do, or if they can't read the directions yet, they can scan the QR code with a device and LISTEN to the directions begin read to them! {I'm hoping!} this will cut back on the "What am I supposed to do...?!!!?????" glazed over look. 

One easy way I've found to create audio QR codes is with this website: 

If you need more info about QR codes and how to make them, head {HERE} to learn more!!! Look for a post on this soon, too! 

And of course, I've been spending lots of time with these two... 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! 


  1. What a fun time! The room looks AMAZING! I'm excited to hear more about Wonders--we don't have it yet, but I assume a lot of the schools in CA will go with it because it's SRA & that's what we are used to ;)
    Keep enjoy your time off mama to be :)

  2. What a gorgeous room! LOVE it! It looks like it belongs in a magazine! I can't do anything with our walls (rental, thanks USMC) but one day I want stripes in my home office like that:-) Enjoy maternity leave & good luck! Sleep now:-)
    Love, Dianna
    Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching

  3. I love using QR codes with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing about the audio QR codes. I know that will be perfect for my ELLs :).

    The Learning Chambers