Currently, Book Club, & Statement or Question Center

Happy July!!!!

This summer is already flying by! Here's what I'm up to at the moment...

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I can't believe this little guy slept for six hours last night!!! I feel GREAT this morning because I got some sleep too!!! 

I am REALLY wanting to go to Vegas this year, but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I'm going to have to stay off social media from the 9th-12th #fomo :-( 
Please have a drink for me! 
I'm already planning for next year!!! 

For the 4th this year, we'll be doing the usual BBQ and fireworks with family (which I LOVE!) Hubby's parents live up on a hill, so from their house we can see at least five or six sets of fireworks down the coast! 

I'm so excited to be joining in on Ramona Recommend's July book club! 

I'm so excited to read Wonder- it's been on my "to-read" list forever! And Giraffes Can't Dance is one of my FAVORITE picture books!!!!!! Head on over to Lessons Learned to join in on the fun! 

And I've {finally} uploaded my Sentence or Question Center to TPT

If you use Wonders (or not), this aligns with Unit 1, Week 1 grammar skill. (You don't have to be using Wonders to enjoy this center though!) Use it as a scoot or sort! Everything is included- answer keys, recording sheets, student directions, teacher directions, & two sets of cards (one with punctuation & one without). I'll be using this the first few weeks of school for one of my Word Work Daily 5 stations. 


  1. Oh my cuteness! Your little guy is adorable! I'm not a mother yet, but I can image that it feels like a great victory to have some solid hours of sleep! I feel the same way about Vegas- luckily I'll be in Italy during it so I won't be able to really follow everyone's adventures there. Enjoy the 4th with your family!
    Tales of a Teacher

  2. Your little boy is ADORABLE. I'm with you.. this summer is going by way to fast! Have a fun 4th! I am now following you. :)
    Countless Smart Cookies

  3. Awwww....It is so hard to believe that my boys were ever that little! My babies are going into 6th and 2nd grades! I wish I was going to Vegas as well, but not in the card for me either! Enjoy your 4th!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  4. I'm with you girl, I can't go to Vegas either and it's KILLING ME. I want to boycott social media for that week ;) Your little man is just adorable. & I love your statement or question center! Thanks so much!

  5. Your little guy is such a cutie! I remember my first 6 hour stretch after my daughter was born... it was life changing!! :) My sweetie is now sleeping through the whole night and it just remarkable how good you feel again. Enjoy that sweetie!

    First Grade Garden

  6. Thanks so much for the shout out about the book club. I'm so glad people are excited. I'm not going to Vegas either. Maybe we can have a little online shindig for the non Vegas peeps! You little man is super cute. Enjoy every minute.
    - sydney
    Lessons Learned

  7. This is crazy! I just logged in to Currently to see who came after me and found your darling blog. The crazy part is I just finished downloading your awesome Question/Statement freebie about 20 minutes ago. So the good news is social media is helping spread the word! :) Thanks for the fun freebie and I'm with you on staying off social media next week. I'm super sad I won't be attending this year too!
    Learning with Mrs. Langley

  8. Your blog is so adorable! Megan does such great work plus you have amazing content! I love it! I teach older kids but work with a lot of younger kids during summer school. So, I'm bookmarking your blog and definitely coming back for some more great ideas!

    I'm also quite bummed Vegas is not in the cards for me either... maybe, I'll get to go meet up with everyone next year. I better start saving! I hope you enjoy the 4th and get some time to relax!

    My Shoe String Life