Working with Short Vowels

Well HELLO there!!!

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While everyone was off having a blast in Vegas (I was living vicariously through Instagram!!!...) we were working on this fun new short vowel literacy center! (When I say 'we' I mean I worked and little man kept me company ;-)

I am so excited to share this idea with you!

In second grade, we work a lot on distinguishing vowel sounds within words. On the state tests, there ALWAYS used to be questions like "In which word do you hear the short 'a' sound".....

My students had a tendency to always just LOOK at the words, and pick the one that had an 'a' in it. Which doesn't always work out. 

I really wanted my students to LISTEN to the words, rather than look at them. So I created this!

It's a literacy center activity where students scan the QR codes, LISTEN to a word being read, and determine if there's a short 'a' or a short 'i' sound within the word!

Students directions for both Scoot and Center activities! 
(Students can scan that QR code and HEAR the directions being read to them! No more "I don't know what to do..." !!!) 

Recording sheets for Scoot and Independent Center activities!

30 total cards with QR codes to scan and listen to! 15 short 'a' words and 15 short 'i' words! 

There's also an answer key included so students can check their work!!!

This activity aligns with the 2nd grade Wonders curriculum, Unit 1, Week 1 spelling skill; Short A and I! Although you DON'T need to be using Wonders to enjoy this center! 

If you'd like more info on how to create a QR code linked to an audio file, you can find it HERE!

Need more info on QR codes in general....HERE you go! 

And feel free to download the preview of this file by clicking the picture below! Let me know what you think!!!

You can find the whole center on TPT HERE! Enjoy!

I'll send this to the first five people to comment and tell me what they're doing on this beautiful summer day! (Don't forget to leave you email address!)

Happy summer!!!! 


  1. I love your short vowel QR center! I know my special ed students would too!

    1. I have been busy baking s'mores cupcakes and chocolate stouts cake today. It's a rainy evening here in New York and I'm making the best of it!

  2. These are amazing!! I love QR codes as much as my students.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

    1. I am just working on some projects and relaxing with my pup.

  3. Girl I think you found your niche with these QR listening codes ;) You're awesome!

  4. Love this! Totally going on my wishlist!

    Christina Marie :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  5. These are amazing! Thank you (and your adorable little man) for all your hard work! Technology just makes any task 100% more engaging! My students will love these!

    Unfortunately it has been pouring buckets today but that makes it perfect for a Target run! I may have bought out the entire Dollar Spot! #sorrynotsorry


  6. I am your newest follower :) I am moving from K to 2 this year, and I'm excited to check out the wonderful things on your blog!
    Mrs. Bremer’s Class

  7. So cute sandy and I love that your little guy is working right with you. How cute is he!?!