Introducing QR Codes to Little Learners {A Freebie}

Have you even wanted to introduce your little learners to QR codes, but you're not sure how? 

This year, we're working on creating introductory lesson plans for all of our go-to apps, and Qrafter happens to be one of them! QR codes are wonderful for students because they get kids up and out of their seats, are a quick and easy way to get information to students, and the novelty of QR codes never really wears off!  

This is the perfect lesson to introduce primary students (1st and 2nd are ideal- this would work with 3rd and 4th as well though! Kinders may be too little to do the reading; but you could DEFINITELY make it work with big buddies or parent volunteers!) to QR codes! 

Students get practice scanning and opening QR codes. There are two sets of QR codes included. 

The first set includes QR codes with a kid-friendly and silly joke. When students scan the QR code, they'll find the answer to the joke. 

The second set includes QR codes to review rules & procedures (perfect for the beginning of the school year.... OR anytime of the year! ;). Students scan a QR code and a question about your classroom rules or procedures will pop up. Students answer the question on the recording sheet! 
Find complete teacher lesson plans, directions, helpful rescues, teacher tips, the QR codes, and recordings sheet {HERE}!

How do you introduce QR codes to your littles? I'd love to hear in the comments! 


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