Cotton Ball Poppers {New Years Math Game Freebie}

Happy 2017! This is sure to be a wonderful year! Just dropping by to revisit a post from last year with a freebie to help you ring in the New Year with your students when you return back to school, all while reviewing and getting back into the swing of things. 

Your students are SURE to enjoy this fun Cotton Ball Popper game that involves minimal prep on your end and they'll be begging you to play! 

Here's the original post from last year! 

***Warning!!! This is HIGHLY addicting!!!!***

This activity was adapted from Real Simple and it would be a great math early-finisher activity, a free-choice Friday activity, or a small group center! All you need to do is create a few cotton ball poppers (cups, balloons, rubber bands, and cotton balls can all be purchased at the Dollar Store!) and let the kids go at it! Here's how to create the poppers (easy cheesy!)...

Setup the targets on the floor however you'd like (there are lots of different numbers to choose from, based on what you'd like your students to practice adding!). Students aim, and launch their cotton balls at the targets. Each student gets three cotton balls per turn. Then they ADD up their point sum on their recording sheet!

***Edit -- You could just as easily set this up outside and use chalk to create the targets! You can increase/decrease/change the point value depending on your students and their needs! You could even place sight words inside the targets that students have to read or create a sentence with when they land on it!***

If a student doesn't land on a target, it's still worth 2 points! 

I've included teacher directions, student directions, a recording sheet for students, and the targets for students to aim at- everything you need to do this with your student TOMORROW! 

Just click the photo below to download! 

And here's my little IG story explaining how to make these!

Happy 2017! 

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