Top 5 Reasons to Add a Digital Option to Your Tpt Products

There are so many reasons to consider adding a digital option to your Tpt products! Maybe you've had a Tpt store for a while and are looking for a way to increase the value or your products and revamp some of your best sellers or add a little boost to your store. Digital components to already existing products can be the perfect way to do this!

Let's check some of the top reasons to add a digital option to your print products out! 

Reach more students AND teachers by making your products more versatile! By adding a digital option, it opens the resource up to a buyer who might only be able to use it digitally. 

Teachers love having a choice on how to use your resource. Some might chose print, some might chose digital, and some might differentiate with BOTH! No matter how they use it, they'll love having the choice and freedom to decide what works best with their students. 
AKA- raise the price! Once you add a digital option to your resources, you've added an immense amount of value because teachers can now choose how they use it! They have options, and can most likely use it in different ways to differentiate with their students. This means you can increase the price! 
In a recent poll on Instagram, 90% of teachers said they are more likely to buy a resource on Tpt with both print & digital options. (9% said they only buy digital! And 0% said they only buy print!). Even after the pandemic, digital resources are still highly sought after because they are versatile, easy to use, save paper, allow students to really show what they know & take ownership of their learning, and the list goes on!

Confidently know that your resources are meeting the needs of more teachers and students by adding a digital option. A digital option might include a Google Slides resource, and interactive self checking PDF, a Seesaw option, or even a video or form for students to complete! The possibilities are endless! 

There are SO many reasons to start adding digital components to your products and resources. What's stopping you!? 

And if you're curious about how to get started, you can download the FREE step-by-step guide to walk you through how to begin converting your print products to digital! 

I can't wait to hear what you think! 

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