In 20 Years

I am officially on Spring break! Two whole weeks off to rest and get ready for the home stretch of this school year! :-) I am so excited to catch up... on chores, seeing friends I haven't seen since Christmas, blog stalking, and so much more! 

Here is one of my very favorite art/writing projects we do all year!!! They always turn out adorable and they never fail to get some laughs from the adults!

I got the idea from Patty at Deep Space Sparkle. If you haven't checked out her blog, you SHOULD! It is full of amazing (and doable) art ideas for your classroom (even if you aren't very artistic like me!) She even has them organized by grade level!

So...the kids first did their writing about what they would be in 20 years. Here's the template we used:

You can get this {HERE}! 

Here's a completed one: 

"In 20 years I will be 28 years old. 
I will live in a college dorm.
I will be a police officer 
and I will take bad guys to jail.
I will still love my family and I
will still love meat loaf.
I still won't want to eat spinach.
And most importantly, I will be happy."

The writing always turns out absolutely adorable! 

Then they drew what they would be in 20 years. 

They used an example I purchased from Deep Space Sparkle (from the "Fun with Self Portraits" pack!)

Then they colored it in with markers and outlined their self portraits with a black marker.

We painted the backgrounds, and a parent volunteer mounted them on construction paper and attached their writing. 

We had:

Police officers (love the handcuffs!) 

Race car drivers (love the 'stache! And the braces!!!) 

Marines (so grouchy!)

Ballerinas (adorable!) 

Artists (too cute!)

And football players (not just football players- quarterbacks!) among many other things!

Like I said, these are always a hit, you can keep them up as long as you want (i.e. until the end of the year because you're too lazy to change your bulletin boards LIKE ME!) because they're not holiday-ish (??? not a word! I know) and the kids love creating them!

Check back soon...I'm thinking give away in celebration of Spring break! :-)