Writing Portfolios

I was so excited to see Courtney at

hosting a writing linky party! Writing is my favorite subject to teach!!! I love loVe LovE to see my students progress in writing, especially at the end of the year! I am get so excited and so proud of them!!! I've even been known to "faint" during our writing block because they blow my socks off with what they can do! I love it!

At the end of the year, I send home a writing portfolio with all of their original writing samples. This includes about one writing sample per month. Of course, we do a lot more writing throughout the year, but these are the pieces we've taken from prewrite, to draft, to post write. It's our very best stuff...

Here is the cover:
Writing Portfolio Cover

I put a picture of them working on their writing with their "very best thinking" faces on there too! :-) And laminate it!

I always put their first writing sample from the very first day of school in their portfolio with this note:
Where You Started

Then I put their final writing sample from second grade right next to the first one with this note:
You'Ve Grown

It truly is incredible to see their progress!

Then, all the rest of their writing samples are behind those.

I put this note at the back of the portfolio and sign it.

Note End of Writing Portfolio

I bind them together using the book binder. It's not too fancy, but it gets the job done. 

I am also very very very fortunate to have a class set of iPod Touches. So after every post write is complete, I have them record themselves reading their writing using Voice Memos. When I sync the iPods to my computer, their recordings appear on their own personal Smart Playlist. At the end of the year, I burn them a copy of their playlist (with them reading all of their writing) onto a CD and they take that with their writing portfolio. This is always a hit with both the kids and the parents. 

The recording could also be done using a single device, iPhone, or computer with a program like Garage Band. 

I can't wait to read about what others do for their kiddo's end of the year writing!



  1. We love writing in our room too. How fun that you can record themselves reading their own pieces.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Great writing portfolio ideas! I am sure the parents just love getting to hear their child read their writing!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. These are great ideas! Thanks for joining my linky party!

    Swimming into Second

  4. This is great! Love your thinking pictures of the kids. So clever! I linked up, too. But mine isn't as cute as yours.

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  5. This is incredibly awesome...I have to think, think, think...do I have their writing from the whole year. Hmmmm...I'd love to do a portfolio if I do. Lots of things I send home, although kids do have their WW binders...
    I am your newest follower!