Little Moments

Ms. Preppy did a hilarious post about funny things that she never thought she would have to say. Thanks to the full moon last night and all the stupid bubble tests assessments I've been brutally torturing my kiddies with administering, I'm pretty sure I said a few things today that were a little strange....

"Why are you doing the splits??? Right now???" Yes- full on splits smack dab in the middle of a lesson. Random!?!? Right??? I turn my back for one second and turn around and I guess she just wanted to show off her new skills from her tumbling class...I don't know!?!?

"PeaceBuilders do not blow snot bubbles. Please stop doing that." Disgusting!!!

"Why were you gone in the restroom for so long!??" (I shouldn't have asked that. In the first place. Will not be asking that question again.)
"I had diarrhea Mrs. P." (Like it was no big deal. Whateve. Diarrhea. It happens.)

I was out of my classroom on Thursday for jury duty. For some reason, when I saw the kids today, they looked a little taller and little more like third graders. And it scared me. I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to slow time down and not loose this group of kids. They are too stinkin' sweet and genuinely good kids. It seems like we just started school. And now it's already March and time is flying by! Does anyone else feel this way??? 

                                                                       Source: via Kimberly on Pinterest

Do the little moments include the splits, snot bubbles, and diarrhea...? Not sure about that, but... 

Enjoy every day!

(And especially enjoy your weekend!!!) :-)


  1. Sandy,

    Oh my gosh this post made me laugh so hard!! That is great... I feel like I am always saying things and then immediately thinking "wait... what did I just say?!?!" haha and I love the splits story... it's amazing the things kids can come up with in the middle of lessons!

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. Those little moments are priceless.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  3. Hahaha I feel the same way- if the things I say we're taken out of context I'd sound like a nutter!

  4. Yes! I feel the same way! I'm not ready to send my cuties to third grade yet!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Hehehe! Every day is an adventure for us teachers ;)

    I alwasy start feeling a little sad at this time of year. Spring is in the air and we know there is not much more time left to the school year!
    I have 3 weeks left before I go on maternity leave and I keep thinking about how much I will miss it...

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