Five for Friday

I'm a little late, but I pulled my act together to join Doodle Bug's Five for Friday linky! 

Five random things from my week: 

My class earned hot chocolate this week! We've been using Kristin's Angry Bird idea and it's worked like a charm! And we earned hot chocolate! Although we did have a little situation... I made salsa chicken the night before (yum!), so when I put hot chocolate in the crock pot in the morning and turned it on, the whole classroom smelled like (delicious) salsa chicken- definitely NOT hot chocolate. The kids were a little grossed out, but they said the hot chocolate didn't taste like that's good...

Friday was my sweet Abby Girl's 13th birthday! We are celebrating with cheeseburgers for dinner tonight! 

(PS- I love this app Notica. You can take a picture, and it creates a "notecard" with a caption, the time, date, and place you took the picture. There's different filters for your pictures too! Then you can categorize all of your notecards!) 

We also had an AMZING professional development day on Friday learning all about PLCs! It was so wonderful spending the day working together with my amazing fantastic super colleagues!!!

We had our staff "Christmas party" last night too! We do our party after the holidays when things have settled down. It was so much fun!!! (I seriously work with the best people EVER!) 

And there's nothing like ending a busy week and getting ready for another busy one with puppy snuggles on a rainy day! 

Hope you had a great week! (And an even better weekend!!!)


  1. Good thing the hot chocolate didn't taste like chicken. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Great idea to have a Christmas party now. My teacher friends and I could use a party right about now... Happy weekend to you, too.!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. Happy Birthday to Abby. What a cutie.
    Such a good idea to have the staff party AFTER the holidays. It's always so hectic in December.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. I was a little late to the party too! That's a good idea to have the Christmas party after Christmas.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. I wish our staff development days were as festive as yours! We usually get a stash of chocolate set in the middle of our table, but that's about it. Happy Birthday to Abby!

    Primarily Speaking

  6. Happy Birthday Abby!!! I'm downloading Notica right now. Thanks.

    The Teaching Thief