Hug Your iPad

This seems to be my catch phrase this year!

I am so fortunate to have a class set of iPads to use with my 2nd graders everyday! We use them all day, everyday, which means the kids are constantly moving around the classroom with them, moving to other classrooms, and had better be taking good care of them!

Of course, we have iPad rules (you can read about them HERE!), and this poster goes with our Rule #2: Use two hands!

I had it enlarged at STAPLES and have it hanging on our classroom door.

Basically, the kids know this means the cover should be on their iPad, they should be using two hands to carry it, and it should be close to your body (not flailing around over your head for who-knows-what reason!!!- Oh, it's happened....)

Feel free to click the picture to download a copy of the poster!

I am so excited to link up today with the amazing Katie from Queen of The First Grade Jungle. She has some amazing technology tips, so head on over!!!!!!

Thanks for hosting Katie!!!


  1. Thank you for this freebie! I just received 3 new iPads for my classroom and that means more students are able to use them. This rule is perfect for how to carry them to the space on the floor where they use them :)


    ElizabethFun in Room 4B

  2. /sigh.... WISHIN' I (let alone my kiddos) had and iPad to hug!
    I tell my kiddos to hug their library book when walking to and from the library. Hardly the same.
    Love your sign!

  3. What a cute way to make sure your kiddos are carrying their iPads carefully!! And I love your poster!! Next time we get together I wanna hear more about what you use your iPads for!!

    Lessons with Laughter