Ready for Valentine's Day??? {Freebie}

I am!!! And I'm so excited about the celebration I have planned for my kiddos! 

This pack is similar to my Pumpkin Party and Holiday Party, and this station model has proven to run smoothly (at least for my class!) Plus, the kiddos are doing some learning while having tons of fun!!!

In my classroom, my kiddos spend an afternoon moving through each activity in small groups of 4-5. They spend 20-30 minutes at each station. There is an adult at each stop to help explain directions, keeps students on track, and answer any questions. 

Check out the activities included in this pack: 

Measurement with Candy Hearts

 Estimation Station with Candy Hearts

 Exploring the Human Heart 
This also includes optional suggestions for fun apps to instal on a class iPad or device to explore the human heart! Too cool! There is also a suggestion for a fun activity if you have access to a stethoscope! 

Make 20 

and (depending on your students and their needs!)

Make 100

Plus, I HAD to include a "Mail Delivery" station where the kids pass out all of their Valentine's goodies. No Common Core standard here...just good old-fashioned Valentine's fun! ;-)

Every activity here is aligned with 2nd grade Common Core standards, yet could be easily adapted to fit other grade levels. All of the activities could also be done whole group, small group, and can even be placed at independent learning centers. 

There's a list of materials needed for each station, along with directions for volunteers and students. 

Also included is a parent volunteer request & donation form, a parent reminder form, recording sheets for students for each activity (in color and black & white), and signs to label each station. 

And finally, a freebie for you: 

Just click the picture to download this candy heart graphing activity! Just add conversation hearts! :)

What are your favorite Valentine's Day activities!?!?
I'd LOVE to hear about them!


  1. Sandy! Great unit, I love how you added the human heart in there! Looks so good! Thanks for the freebie, friend!
    PS, we use your math racers everyday! They are super!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  2. What a cute unit!!! Thanks for the freebie too!
    I just love it!

  3. That's super fun Sandy -- love it all. Rotations are definitely the way to go for parties - I totally agree. Thanks for the freebie too.

  4. LOVE all the station activities. It is absolutely fabulous that you include everything including the parent volunteer request and donation forms!
    Thanks for the freebie. Have a great weekend!

  5. These look so cute, they are on my wishlist! Thanks for the cute freebie!

    Primary Punch

  6. Cute Unit! Love the freebie and sure my kiddos will too!!