My Daily 5-ish

I'm so excited to share a quick overview of my version of Daily 5{ish} with you today! It's taken me awhile because {I think} I've finally figured out (and it's only the end of the year, right), what works for me and my kids {right now!}. It's been an ever changing system, as I tweaked and figured out with the kids what works best, what keeps the flow going, and is simple for us all to manage! So here it is...

I start our reading block off with a fluency read. You can read more about that {HERE}. Then I do a quick mini lesson, depending on what our story is and what we're working on that week. (I should tell you- we use HM- it's as old as dirt as far as I'm concerned...So I do my best to squeeze other texts and stories and nonfiction in!) 

Then we head off to our rotations... 

The green stars on the chart have music linked to them- one song plays when it's time to clean up, and the other is for when it's time to "Move It" to the next station. 

The red and blue names are because we only have three seats in our classroom library, so the kids rotate so it's fair.

I should also tell you, I don't (usually) see all of the groups in one day. That means the kids go to 3-ish (4 on a good day) rotations. We just pick up where we left off the next day. And continue on as the week progresses. 

Each station has "Must Dos" and "May Dos". I use picture frames from the Dollar Store to manage these! So, there's an assignment the kids "Must Do" before they can move to their "May Dos."

The teacher table is where our guided reading groups happen. We use our iPads to access Raz Kids (which means there's no printing or copying or assembling any guided reading books for me! This has saved me a tremendous amount of time!!! Love!) We also do technology projects here, as well as lots of reading response and comprehension activities. I'll post more on what my guided reading groups look like- soon-ish. ;-) 

Read together is where (YOU GUESSED IT!!!)- the kids read together! The kids are supposed TO sit side by side on the crates I made over the summer! The "Must Do" is usually always to read the story from our basal (HM) reader that we're working on that week. ***This is the station that I've had the MOST trouble with. I'm constantly reminding kids what they need to be doing. To trouble shoot for next year, I'll spend even more time going over procedures, and I've been stocking up on books in doubles from Scholastic.***

(I made them pose for this picture- that's what it should look like. Usually they're either picking their noses, arguing, or rolling around on the floor...) 

Read to self is where the kids get to read independently. Kids are allowed to read on their iPads in iBooks, or regular books from the library. I've found they love to do both!

Listen & word word are combined because I just couldn't fit it all in. All of the groups do word work, and once they've all done the word work "May Do", we switch to listening. The listening "Must Do" is usually to listen to the story we're working on that week. The kids favorite "Must Do" for word work is always a scoot for whatever we're working- they love being out of their seats and moving around the classroom with their clip boards as often as possible, and I find they are most on task doing these type of activities! 

(Using iPads for listening!) 

And finally, on the computer we use Raz Kids or BrainPop Jr., again depending on what we're focusing on that particular week. 

The timer in the middle keeps all of us on track and accountable for the time I spend with my guided reading groups. We usually spend between 15-20 minutes at each station. 

Here's a picture of us ALL on task! (A rare moment indeed ;) 

I should mention I don't include a writing rotation, because we do a writing block for an hour before we begin our Daily 5 each day! :) 

Like I said, this has been a work in progress as this is my first year attempting to implement Daily 5-ish. I have to say, the kids love it, and I love it because I've seen SO much progress in my kiddos and their reading!!!! Our guided reading groups are one of my favorite parts of our day!   

I'd love to hear about your reading block! Do you Daily 5-ish? :) 


  1. I have second grade as well and am super excited to start Daily 5 next year. What kind of activities do you do for word work exactly?

    1. Hi JeLisa! This is definitely where Teachers Pay Teachers comes in! There are so many wonderful activities and centers on there that my students love to use! I just search for whatever we're focusing on that week (i.e. compound words, suffixes, specific vowel patterns, etc.) and find the activities there! I am going to do a blog post soon just about the word work station and highlight some of my favorite activities. :)

  2. I'm sharing this article with my team, Sandy Ann. It seems your tweakings throughout the year have paid off. So glad you shared this.


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  4. WOW! I'm going to attempt D5 for the first time next year. Did you powerpoint to make your chart? Is the music set up on a timer that automatically goes off? I have all kinds of questions! LOL

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

    1. Hi Marcy! The chart is actually a SMART notebook file. It could definitely be used in PowerPoint, too though! I am going to work on one to share this weekend (that doesn't violate copyright with the music and clipart). The music is not set on an automatic timer. When the timer goes off, one of the kids or I have to press the "Clean Up" song, and then everyone knows to clean up. :) Hope this helps!

    2. I am switching to second grade this year and would love a copy of your rotation chart in a power point version if you made one-- I don't have a smart board but I have several iPads and a projector and Elmo . Thanks & hope your still posting to your blog !

  5. I love that you call it Daily 5-ish. I do Daily 5-ish in my room too! I use some of the ideas from The Sisters but definitely tailored it to my own class/schedule. Thanks for sharing yours!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. I love seeing how other teachers do Daily 5 in their classroom!! And is that top picture a screenshot of a smartboard? Or is that on your ipad?? You are SO SMART to have your students use the ipads during guided reading instead of copying off tons of books!!! This definitely needs to be added to our discussion topic list for next time we meet up!! I'm going to have to take pictures on my daily 5 rotations to share too! You should have a linky party! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

    1. PLEASE take pictures because I love to see other people's classrooms too! :)

  7. I also teach 2nd and it's my first attempt at the Daily 5ish. It is the best thing I have ever done! We do words their way for spelling so my word work has the students practice their differentiated spelling words. If they finish a certain amount of activities they can choose from many bonus activities. I do not do read with a partner however we have reading buddies every Friday and they read to a buddy then. I just went to another school to observe how they have implemented the Daily 5. The thing I learned is that everyone needs to adapt the Daily 5ish to work for their classroom needs.

    Thanks for sharing. I will post pictures of my Daily 5ish soon.


  8. Are you still thinking of sharing your smart notebook file of your rotations?? I really like it and am always trying to find a quicker, easier rotation change!

    1. I completely agree! I'm really looking forward to a copy of the rotations if you're willing to share. I LOVE it!

    2. I completely agree! I'm really looking forward to a copy of the rotations if you're willing to share. I LOVE it!

    3. I completely agree! I'm really looking forward to a copy of the rotations if you're willing to share. I LOVE it!

  9. How much does the Raz kids program cost? If you don't mind me asking... Thanks!

  10. Need access to view rotation power point

  11. Aloha!
    I also teach 2nd grade and the Daily 5 and would love to use that marvelous small group rotation wheel with the timer (shown at the top). I've looked in SMART EXCHANGE but can't find it anywhere---I only saw the timer but not the rotation wheel. Did you create the wheel around the timer? Please let me know under what title/name I could find that wheel.

  12. Is your small group rotation wheel with timer for sale, or can it be downloaded somewhere?