Which Pet Should We Get?? An Opinion Writing Pack!!!

Always a fun question to ask 24 second graders: 

Which pet should we get???

I have been doing this writing prompt with my class for the past two years, and every year it is by far the most fun we have writing! You can read about our adventures with this project {HERE} and {HERE} and {HERE}! Last year our class ended up getting a hermit crab, and this year I was brave enough to let them have a hamster.

Having a class pet has been one of the best things I've done. It has taught my kids responsibility (because they are the ones that have to stay after school to clean the cage- they even have this fancy schedule figured out), they are the ones that have to figure out who's taking him home on vacations and three day weekends (because I'm NOT), and they are the ones that have grown to love him (I kinda like him too...). Plus, they're the ones that have to console each other when he bites them and draws blood (because I don't- I say, "You're the ones that wanted a hamster...I wanted a fish...")

We researched each pet, learned about opinions, we gathered information, organized the information, pre wrote, drafted, and then did a final copy to try and "persuade" me to let them get a pet. Talk about authentic writing- even my reluctant writers were in this 100% from the very beginning because they were so motivated to let me get a pet. We had some great conversations about the difference between "I want a hamster cuz they are cool" and "In my opinion, I think we should get a hermit crab because they won't distract us while we're doing out work since they are such quiet creatures." 

Plus, opinion writing is one of the Common Core text types!  

Anyways, my fabulous teaching partner even created a video to share with our district about this unit. You check out the video {HERE}.

Well, after this video got out we got a TON of emails about the resources and QR codes and websites used for the project.

And I was finally able to get my act together to put it all together in one place to share! Here it is!!!

 (Don't worry- if you don't have devices to scan the QR codes. This unit can be completed successfully without the use of the QR codes since all of the internet resources are included!)

Everything you'll need to do this writing project successfully with your class!!! Just click on the pictures to take you to TPT

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I'll give this unit away to FIVE friends that leave a comment with your favorite writing prompt you've used with your students. :) I'll use the random number generator thingy tonight when I get home! 

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!! 

And don't forget about the TPT sale coming up this week for teacher appreciation!!!!

Thanks for the cute graphic Beth


  1. I love this!!!! I am trying to update some binders for next year and one of them is common core writing. This would be the perfect addition!!!


  2. I would love this for my 2nd graders next year!! This year, my class wrote a persuasive writing on which type of candy is the best! :)


  3. OH what a wonderful packet! Looks AWESOME! I love persuasive writing pieces! You really get to know the VOICE of the kids with these type of pieces!


  4. I'd love this! My goal this summer is to work on collecting writing units for next year and this loos great!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  5. This looks amazing! I will be teaching 2nd grade next year and would love to win! The best writing prompt has to do students describing other students the best they can without giving away who they are writing about. I spy someone who...

  6. Ohhh Sandy we LOVE this! What a fabulous way to get them all involved, super excited, and then launch them into writing=Genius!!!

    We the writing prompts that have them sharing something with someone else-sharing a cup of cocoa, mailing a valentine, etc. It's always so fun to see who they select and we always get some classic tales of celebrities!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  7. What a fantastic unit! Very creative and must cause lots of excitement in the classroom :)

    My favorite writing prompts are at Christmas (persuading Santa to hire you as an elf, etc).

    Lindsey - lmburto@gmail.com

  8. Wow! What a great unit! I used a similar one this year, convince your family to let you have a dog. Best reason...."A dog will protect us and rip bad guys heads off."

    Dawn - dawnmei425@gmail.com