Solid Shapes Solid Shapes Solid Shapes

Say that three times fast! :) 

We've been having so much fun this week working on solid shapes!!!!

We sorted food! 2D shapes and 3D shapes!

If you need a list of food, here's what we used: 

Square- saltine
Circle- Tostitos tortilla chip
Triangle- Dorito
Rectangle- stick of gum

Cone- Hershey Kiss
Cylinder- marshmallow & penne pasta
Sphere- Kix cereal
Rectangular prism- those (delicious) wafer cookies
Cube- you could use a caramel square but I chose not to do that for the sake of cavities & dentists everywhere ;) 

We created models of cubes and pyramids. (When the kids needed their supplies, they HAD to say "May I please have some edges" or "May I please have my vertices." If they said marshmallows or toothpicks I walked away. ;-) 

I got a great tip on Instagram too! Let the marshmallows dry out for a few days before the project and they won't fall over (like ours did!)! Thanks @angieolson777 !

And then we labeled both activities using my all time favorite app, Skitch.

Here are some great resources if you're looking for some solid shapes units!


You can also follow my 3D shapes Pinterest board {HERE}! (I'm really working on subcategorizing my boards from now on!)

Hope you're having a great week! We're off to celebrate Abby's 2 year anniversary of making it to our forever home! Two weeks ago today we randomly took a walk in the neighborhood and came home with this big fat pretty girl! To celebrate, we donated to our favorite charity CorgiPals, and she's getting a hot dog for dinner! (Am I the only one that celebrates stuff like this with their dogs!?!?! I can't be alone, right!?!?! ;-)


  1. I think you like food as much as me with all these crafties with food :)
    Can't wait to do these next year! Great idea!

  2. I love your shape sort! Definitely saving that idea for next year. Thanks so much!
    The Techie Teacher

  3. I love the shape sort! I love my puppy too. Watson's birthday is like one of the kids! He gets a tiny ice cream cone. Crazy, I know!

  4. Such fun math ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. I found your blog from iTeach 1:1 I'm a new follower!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  5. OH! Awesome ideas! That definitely makes studying solid and plane figures WAY more fun!

  6. Love the idea of using food to teach the shapes!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  7. My dogs growing up got special food on their birthday... and we would hold it up with a candle in it while we sang happy birthday before blowing the candle out and letting them chow down. No, you're not the only one.

    You really just FOUND your dog? So jealous! He's so sweet!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  8. I love your ideas; especially the one where the students build the 3D shapes and have to ask for "sides" and "vertices". Such a great way to help them retain the information! Can you please tell me where you found the sorting page?


    1. Hi Leslie! The sorting sheet was found in the awesome "Shape It Up" unit- just click on the cover page above to find it at TPT! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. Hi Leslie! The sorting sheet was found in the awesome "Shape It Up" unit- just click on the cover page above to find it at TPT! Thanks for stopping by! :)