Five for Friday

Happy Friday and almost weekend!  

It's time for....

It's been a busy busy week for me, even though I really have nothing to show for it except this smiling face!!! 

Being a new mommy is hard work, and it's definitely been an adjustment period! But every day gets a little less scary and little more fun! Thank goodness for friends and family who've been wonderful and helped me along the way! 

Here are five randoms from my week...

I got a new blog design from the wonderful Megan at A Bird In Hand Designs! If you're looking for a new design- I would highly recommend her! She is wonderful to work with (and she even dealt with me in the midst of all of the pregnancy hormones flying around!!!) Thank you Megan!!! I absolutely love my blog!!! 

A Bird in Hand Designs

I'm trying to get back on track creating and planning things that I'll need for the beginning of next year. I'm {still} working on some weekly centers that my students can use that align with the Wonders curriculum we adopted this last year! Do you know of any great Wonders resources!?!?! I'd love to hear about them! 

(I'll let you know when these are done- although these days I only have 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there to do anything at all- i.e. brush my teeth or get a drink of water!...) 

For Teacher Appreciation week I got some great products from TPT during the sale that I'm so excited about using! 

I posted this question for Wordless Wednesday and on my Instagram feed- 

Do you have any 2-3 minute activities or games that your guided reading group can do/play while I get myself situated for our group time...? This is something I really want to improve on next year! It always seemed like those 2-3 minutes were wasted when I was getting other kids situated and helped and doing what they were supposed to be doing before I started with my guided reading group. 

Finally- it's been SO incredibly hot here in Southern California these last few days- over 100 degrees! We've even had crazy wildfires throughout the county. Hoping that everyone is safe and sound, and thankful for all of the firefighters working hard to keep us safe!

Luckily it's supposed to cool down this week! 

Have a great weekend!!!



  1. That is one sweet little fellow you have!!!


  2. I can't believe you have any time to work on new products with that precious baby to take care of! Hoping the cooler weathers help put out those wildfires.

    Love to Learn

  3. Happy Friday! Your baby boy is SO precious. & I love the new design!

  4. He is lovely! I love your new design, too. Megan is wonderful!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  5. Your new blog design is beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!! And your pictures are adorable!!! I have not used my camera at all the past several weeks! I need to start practicing! Hope you had a great weekend!

    Lessons with Laughter