Throw Back Mother's Day Project

Last year, I did a really fun (and easy!) Mother's Day project with my kiddos. Here's the post in case you need a last minute idea! (Last year I managed to pull this together on Thursday, and the cards made it home on Friday just in time for Mother's Day on Sunday!). It's simple, but the kids really enjoyed making the cards, and the moms loved them! 

Check it out!

I made a poster (two pieces of butcher paper taped together) with the words "I Love You Because": 

(You can download the letters below!) 

And set it up in our classroom:

Each kiddo had to finish the sentence "I love you because ______" for their moms or grandmas. They used the Big Words app on their iPads, and we took a picture...

They turned out ADORABLE! 

(If you don't have an iPad, you could always have kids write on a chalk board or dry erase board!) 

(I took the pictures with my iPad, then filtered them using the Camera + app.) 

You can have them printed out, and make cards with the pictures for their moms! 

If you'd like the "I love you because" letters, you can grab them {HERE!
(The font is from Miss Tiina!) Love! 


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I'm off to SHOP! :) 

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  1. This is sooo cute! Love the idea and my printer is going now! Thanks for sharing!

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