Guided Reading Warm Ups- Wordless Wednesday with Miss DeCarbo

I'm so excited to link up with Miss DeCarbo at Sugar & Spice for Wordless Wednesday! This is my first link up and I love the idea! 

As the school year winds down, we all start to think about things we're going to add/take away/do differently for next year! 

One thing I really struggled with this year was getting kids situated for guided reading. The kids would be sitting at the table, ready to go, and {it seemed like} it always took me 2-3 minutes to get the rest of the class situated and helped and working on what they needed to be doing while I was working with my group. 

A picture from our guided reading group time :)

I'm wondering.... what are some of your favorite "Guided Reading Warm Ups"- activities, games, whatever!- that my guided reading kiddos can independently work on for 2-3 minutes at our table while I get myself situated for our time together.....? 

I'm looking forward to hearing some of your ideas!

Thank you for this fun linky Christina


  1. I like to leave a baggie of the week's vocabulary words, sight words, etc. at each center/area. They know that they are to silently get the cards out of the bag and "flash" through them while waiting for me to say "Okay, Go".

    Just a thought. It helps get rid of those awkward transition moments.

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. I do something similar to Sarah, but my focus is fluency. I have a basket of cards with different phrases sitting on the table. As soon as they take a seat, my kiddos grab a few cards and read away. Once someone is sitting next to them, they read the cards with that person. It's great because I don't have to worry about keeping it updated too much!

    And congrats on your beautiful baby -- he's precious!

    Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies

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