My Summer Bucket List

Summer is exactly 29 (school) days away for me. It seems like a long time, but I know it'll fly by!!! I am so excited just thinking about it!!! The anticipation and excitement of not having to wake up early and run around all day like a chicken with my head cut off makes this last month a little more bearable! :)

I am so happy to join Hadar, Teri, and April for their Summer Bucket List Linky!

Here are my big plans for Summer, 2012 :-)

See Wicked with my mom!!! I can't wait!!!!

Get some sun and spend time with my furry friends outside (playing ball and going to the beach of course!)

Read!!! (Any good book suggestions!?!?!?!)

Go to this tech conference that I am SO EXCITED for!!!! I've heard it's amazing and I can't wait to get new ideas for using technology in the classroom!!!

Go to the happiest place on earth! Fun! (Did anybody see Modern Family last week... hill-arious!!!)

Buy and prep lots of fun stuff I've found on TPT and get it ALL ready for next year!!! I may need to invest in my own laminator soon! (Any suggestions for a laminator???)

Pull the carpet out of this room and finish painting the bookshelves. (You can't see in this picture but they're only half painted...I ran out of time last summer!!! Oooops!) I want to turn this room into one of those beautiful Pinterest rooms!!! I have a vision!!! This summer I'll make it happen!!!

And of course, keep creating and sharing new stuff for next school year! I have a feeling me and my Mac will spend a lot of time together this summer. :) 

I plan on doing all of this in between sleeping in and catching up with family and friends I haven't seen since Spring break! 

I've had so much looking at everyone else's summer bucket lists!!! I've pretty much pinned everyone's projects and fun stuff to do too! Thanks Hadar, Teri, and April!!!


                                                                                  Source: via Sandy on Pinterest


  1. I agree- wicked is awesome!! And also, I read a Dog's Purpose, have you read the book A Dog's Journey?? Is it just as good as his other book?!? If so, I must read that ASAP!

  2. I just bought tickets last week to see Wicked, I am so excited, but it does not come to Honolulu until December!!! I bet your babies will be so happy to have you home all day:))

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. Your summer looks like a blast! Doing some of the same things! As far as a laminator goes, I recommend the Scotch laminator. You can find it at Walmart and it cost about $20. The film can get costly, I usually get it from Joann's with a 40% coupon. One of my friends bought an outrageously expensive one from Lakeshore and when she tried mine, she loved it! Said it was much better than hers.
    Mrs. Sheehan

  4. Thanks so much for linking up!! Looks like we get out of school around the same time :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. so wish I was near a beach!!!!!! Enjoy your summer!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  6. Yay for seeing Wicked!!
    As far as books, Emily Giffin has a brand new book coming out in July! :) Yay!
    Stories From Second

  7. I found your blog via Teacher Idea Factory and I'm your newest follower. I'm enjoying reading other people's summer bucket lists. Unfortunately, it just gives me more ideas of things to add to mine :) All well! Stop by and visit my blog, too!
    Stories by Storie

  8. omg im going to disney this year too...your background looks your newest follower...drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching

  9. Wicked is soo will enjoy that. I can't wait...the countdown has definitley begun. :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After